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MAybe a stretch on portable, & definately unhelpful

Since since of you are considering the Edirol; if you want a portable (quality) player, with a digital out;

at 1.4kg the Nagra LB (with Digital output XLR AES-3, 24 bit or 16 bit, whatever that is) & USB. While the Sony PCM-D1 weighs only 525grms has Optical Digital Out & USB.

Sure both have some extra hardware & functions you may not want, but then so does a laptop.

Actually the Sony PCM D50 is a bit more affordable, & also has an optical out...
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Archos 5 & Archos 7

These support FLAC, Ogg Vobis & WAV, and have USB ports, doesn't state whether they can support external DAC. Earlier Archos models did. 250Gb weighs only 300g.
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Originally Posted by Toe Tag View Post
Its possible the Neo FreeRunner cell phone could be adapted to act as a portable digital source. Neo FreeRunner - Openmoko The hardware, firmware, and software are 100% open source, and it has a USB port. It would need a driver that makes the USB port appear as a music source, much like the drivers linux, windows, os x have built in. And it would need a music player. It also has a microSD slot supporting up to 8GB SDHC. It is possible there is already an open source music player for this handset. That is as far as I got in my investigation.
If you don't already own one don't bother. It isn't ready for that. I was interested in it and I know you can't use it now as your primary phone.

Are more people interested in customs projects (how many)? little companies that make hardware to do a limited batch on some hardware (those to have toslink or external adapter).
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I know this might be abit off topic. But does any mobile engineer/lover know which phone currently in the market has the best SQ, regardless of price. No iphone.
xpress music 5800 got rave review, sony ericsson is not bad, but which has the best?
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Looking for a PCCD / MP3 player with optical out

What I am looking for:
  • Small CD player that can play CDRW's
  • Possibly play MP3CDs with optical out enabled. (Do Sony's do that?)
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Does anyone know for sure if the Edirol R09's optical out works on battery power?
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Go with Sony

Originally Posted by gujarati View Post
What I am looking for:
  • Small CD player that can play CDRW's
  • Possibly play MP3CDs with optical out enabled. (Do Sony's do that?)
Pre-iPod I had a couple of sweet Sony Discman CD players that were incredibly small, very sleek looking, feature-packed (including mp3 and CDRW playback) with a digital optical "mini-out." I believe Sony still offers this cable if it's not included and some "upgrade" optical cables with mini-Toslink connectors on one end were available (I bought one made by Monster). This was an awesome feature when I was using a portable CD player and wanted to copy my discs or play back through my home system.
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Another cool Sony toy

I also had a lot of fun with the high-end Sony minidisc players, which could play compressed files loaded onto the disc. Some of them would do the copying (from your CD or the collection on your computer) on-board through digital inputs and outputs; in combination with a digital-out equipped discman and a mini -to-mini Toslink cable I could have a lot of fun copying CDs onto Minidiscs.
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has anyone mentioned the Mvix MV2500U?

all in one solution (for movies too), you install a laptop hard drive and their you go. Perhaps the only thing to use after the iPod Classics go the way of the dinosaurs.
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Originally Posted by raymondu999 View Post

I want a portable PMP/DAP with digital out - now only 4"-5" monsters have those -_-
Would a line-out suffice, or is digital a requirement?
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I wonder if it's possible to DIY a small/cheap battery-powered SD card reader that outputs spdif - so I can just plug that into my gamma2. (And power that via a small USB/battery adapter) Yeah, I can easily use that with my notebook or just continue using my cheap-o SD adapter/mp3 player, but it's just a thought.
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My current solution is an MSI U123 netbook with 9 cell battery, RSA predator usb/dac and grado 325i's or iGi earbuds...its not a pocket size solution. I upgraded the newbook to a 500 gig hard drive and added a 2 gig stick of ram. Fits in a small camel back type back pack. But Id really love a smart phone pda that supported external DAC's...cant be long b4 a proper device hits the market.
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I can confirm that the Archos 5 requires the DVR for spdif. The 3.5mm isn't a toslink. I have no idea about the other one though. (605 I think)
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I wanted to start a thread about this, but hey, since this thread exists...i will put my question here.

Why aren't daps with digital (optical out) produced anymore? It's a shame to have to rely on semi old daps (Iriver IHP-100 series)..

Have been tried to find a decent answer to this question for a while now without any success.

Give me a solid player with some solid buttons, 1-3 inch display.

Interchangeable Batteries

High quality components

Optical out (forget the HO out for my part)

Be able to play the most usable formats, gapless...what else?

I mean, how hard can it be?
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