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Good review Xerophase

I agree with you about the soundstage... its massive!! (relatively speaking)


I think the build quality of the A900s is pretty damned decent, no complaints from me... not until you take the earpads off anyway... at that point, inside they look exactly the same as Sony MDR-V6
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Well, maybe the ATH-A900's are where they start paying more attention to build quality. Although the ATH-A500's sound good the build is not up to what I've come to expect for $100 cans. It's not that they look or feel like they will fall part if I sneeze on them, but coming from the Sony V6's they are a step down in quality.

Despite the build they are more comfortable than the V6's. In fact, ATH-A500's are the first cans I've tried other than the Senn. HD580s that I can wear for more than hour without needing a break - the V6's just got too hot.

Anyway, I didn't mean to hijack the thread. I just wanted to know how good the build quality of the higher-end models is.
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Wow...I'm very glad I found this thread. I just got my A900's and as the original author did, I immediately plugged them in to listen. The sound was not so hot...in fact, I wouldn't have paid $100 for that sound, much less $200. These cans need work, and they're getting it right now!
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I thought subscribed threads expired after a while, but after almost a year, this one came back and found me. It's pulling me back, trying to make me buy some SR225's or HD650's!!


But anyway, imokruok, I still have these cans and love them. I think after a proper burn in you'll really see them shine. Also, keep in mind the way you wear them has a huge impact on sound. Make sure if you wear glasses you take them off, so they seal properly. Also, the way they sit the best for me (soundwise) is with the band situated slightly forward on my head, such that the mounting from the phone to the band is perpendicular to the ground. It seems a little odd at first, but I think you'll find it quite comfortable and the sound should improve. The drivers are angled, and I believe they need to be positioned right to sound their best.

I know some people have also used rubber bands to pull the drivers closer to their ears. While I haven't tried this, you might give it a shot if after all of the above you still have some issues. They require a rather huge head to wear correctly

Lastly, when I originally wrote the review I was plugging them into a Onkyo receiver. I eventually upgraded to a META42, and was quite happy with the further improvement it made to the sound.

I hope your burn in is successful, and I hope you enjoy them!
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SHURE SRH840 vs. AT-A900

Not sure if this thread is too old, but I have a choice between the 840's and a pair of A900's and I'm wondering if people have an opinion on what to buy (there about the same price at the store). They would be used on an iPod listening mostly to Jazz & classical. Any opinions on what would be best?
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I add this short notice; the A900 is the most versatile, closed HP I've heard and owned.
They enjoy anything you throw at them, without hesitation.
And, as a bonus, they are easy to drive.
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do the a900s have good bass after they have been burned in?

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