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Audio Technica Earpads

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Where does one buy them.

I like big comfy pads, big enough for the AD900, no leather please.
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Bluetin used to sell them once upon time. They might still.
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Since using different earpads here is popular to try...

Has anyone found great solutions for earpads for the Ad900-Ad2000, since they all use the same size frame.

The AD900 brand new is really comfortable. I'm just thinking ahead and if I replace them, are there other alternatives for them?

Do those really comfy looking Beyer 770/880 pads fit them?

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Anyone know?
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Have you tried emailing Audio Cubes?
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Bump. This seems to be a problem. I've emailed Audio Technica and will get back to this when they respond.

(Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I've been on google and forum searching for the last few days, and plan on returning my ATH-AD900 if I can't find pads for it.)

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55 to the U.S. Anyone with a cheaper price? (And a direct link please.)

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