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Originally Posted by tha_dude View Post
Hi, if this has been asked before, I'd appreciate it if you guys could please point me to the relevant thread/posts:

To use the Pico's USB DAC, right now I'm using ASIO4ALL through foobar. Do I have to set anything else in foobar besides choosing the DAC as the output device?
Here's some info for you.
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Amazon Kindle as USB source...?

Might be going the wrong direction with this thought, but can any device with USB work for getting a decent signal to the Pico?

I was thinking specifically about using an Amazon Kindle as source going into the Pico. Am I missing anything? Clearly it wasn't intended for high SQ, but it does hold files, and it does have a USB out...
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You'd have to have a device that supports audio playback. It would have to have usb drivers for USB-Audio. And it has to act as a USB host. If all those are true, then you can probably use the kindle with the pico.
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Hmm - what would be the best method of finding that out? I know it plays audio (meant for audiobooks) but do not know about the USB drivers or being able to act as a USB host...

(sorry, total lack of tech skills here...)
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Looks like Kindle can operate as a USB host...

Ideas for Hacking Kindle WiFi - MobileRead Forums
(towards the bottom)
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Originally Posted by Asr View Post
I've decided to write a full-length review of the AE-2 first, which will be followed by my Pico review. Both will be published on StereoMojo.com.
cool, let us know when they're online.
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