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if this thing does as advertised - small, drives all headphones, built in dac, great sound (this is the crucial factor) -, it's going to be a killer item.
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considering it out did a pro-dac on tests, it should be the best out there.

Upsampling design!
- Uses a flagship level 24-bit/192KHz digital-to-analog converter chip!
- Extremely low distortion analog filter
- Protects USB ports from over-current
- Extreme care in keeping noise to a minimum, separate power supplies for each stage
- 4-layer circuit board for optimum digital layout
- Separate analog input to use as headphone amp only
- Gain switch (toggle) on front panel
- Alps volume control w/ built-in power switch
- Lithium-polymer battery (estimated 35 hours, or 70 hours w/ extended battery option)
- Built-in battery charger w/ charge status LED on front panel (2-4 hour charge time depending on battery option)
- Back panel has the USB jack (Mini-B) and DC adapter jack
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Forget the Tomahawk reference, it looked like nearly the size of Xin's SuperMini. In other words, insanely small. And knowing HeadAmp, it'll probably come in a better chassis than the SuperMini. (Not a fan of the plastic case that Xin uses for it.)
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Time to start saving.... This sounds very promising!
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Justin mentioned that the cases will be like the ones used for the AE-2 (just smaller!).... IIRC. I got the impression that the cases are being specially made just to fit the Pico.
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Oh my, I don't even know what to save for anymore.
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sounds interesting.. esp. about that tiny side.
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Does anyone knows what powers this little baby? 9V?
How long does it lasts ... ?
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Lithium-ion cell, should be about 20 hours or so - that's what Justin said.
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That's pretty good for a DAC+amp combo. If not asking to much, any idea how long to recharge ... ?
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well, this might replace my "poor man's microstack"...what's the ETA for this amp? i've been waiting forever for the new modules for the GS-1, too, but i guess justin's had other priorities...
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I'm very interested in this amp. (poor wallet)

I did have a quick listen at the DC meet but I think I'll need to listen in home to be sure
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Don't quote me on this, but I have been told that this amp is able to add "tube" distortion like high end Headamp (without being tube) or Singlepower amps. It isn't a warm amp, like Xin's, but it should retain this ability.

Also, I've written to Justin about an optical line in:


No, there is no optical input. To have an optical input, it would have

to be larger to add a SPDIF receiver. Also, when using the optical,
DAC would have to run completely on battery power. With a DAC like
this, that would drain the battery in only about 3 hours. So, while I
may make a larger version that also has an optical input (at least a
year away), it will need to be quite a bit larger to fit a larger
battery. I'm only interested in sound quality and not 200+ hour
life, but I would still like the battery life to be at least 20 hours.

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I can't wait to buy this dac. When i went the boston meet nothing really excited me this much because once I hear the price tag I lower my head a walk away. But this little thing REALY excited me and made me smile even more once I heard the approximate price was 500. I mean I use my iMod 90% of the time. but when I am in my room and just want to listen to something out of some speakers or even my little Dot lll I always have to either drain my ipod battery by using that or I take it easy on my ipod and use the headphone out of my computer. Now my computer can be a source just as good as my iMod and ideally better due to it using a better dac chip in it. So I am super excited. SANTA!!! HELP!!
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Anybody heard or know about this poor man's Pico from Leckerton Audio. First time I heard about them and no results in search either, so I assume they are really new. Someone started a thread a few days back but no much interest there. I mean looking at the specs it is impressive compared to the similarly priced Total Bithead. Better casing, size, rechargeable batteries/circuit and DAC chips, I just hope the sound is on par.

Is someone getting first dibs and write impressions? Man it is just too sad, I am still too poor for a poor man's Pico well at least for buying on the blind.
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