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At the time being I carry a Bark River City Knife (black micarta scales). Works great (minus the busted tip, but I am too lazy to send it in to get fixed :p)!




Next big purchase though is going to be the Bark River Essential with C-tech black scales and silver bolsters, it is one hell of a gorgeous blade. 

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Hi everyone,

Today I just found out an amazing technique that I keep the whetstone perpendicular to the table. In which three things benefit me. 
1) I don't put excessive force on the stone since the stone is being supported by my force instead of a table support.
2) I can watch the angle of the knife each time I perform a stroke
3) I use an interesting technique by pushing the spine of the blade first, creating a burr. Then flipping to the otherside with a push force blade first, removing the burr.

Using a 10k Naniwa whetstone, I was able to finally create an edge sharp enough that a light force applied between my arm and blade that will cause hair to snap. Or push cutting paper. I want to upgrade to a 16k Shapton glass stone to get that extreme razor sharp edge..

but first, I'm working on trying to get horizontal sharpening right, since I don't have a flattening stone to even out any dimples. I'm currently working with half the face of my stone with this technique... I find horizontal sharpening pretty hard to get right...

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Spyderco Positron incoming.



Like the spyderco southard but a bit cheaper because different lower grade metal in blade and carbon fiber instead of titanium, but its smaller and lighter. Not as compact as the spyderco southard mini which Ill buy if I find. Didn't know about it until it was gone.

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I received this beauty from Montana knife maker Lou Morton today. It measures 8 1/2 inches over all, with a 3 1/2 inch blade of D2 steel. Handle scales are Arizona Desert Ironwood collected about 70 miles east of Yuma. I call it a Custom Camp Muck




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My favorite folders by Tom Krein

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I'm glad I discovered this thread.


Here's a new acquisition.





Dustin Turpin Insight

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I actually have quite a few blades. A Kershaw volt 2 (my newest addition to the collection), A Mora survival knife in stainless steel, a Victorianox pocket knife, a Gerber US Army standard multitool, a Gerber pocket knife, a Nice all-metal Hatchet (Kinda counts? It has a blade...)


If you'd like my opinion on any of these knives feel free to ask :smile:

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Howling Wind Forge, Outfitter.


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Originally Posted by Mr Rick View Post

Howling Wind Forge, Outfitter.


That's a lovely clean-looking design. Very nice!

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2004 Trace Rinaldi Leo model with Norm Shenk (Ohio) banded ladder high contrast high carbon 1095-nickel damascus, F-18 composite carbon fiber handle with 3 mosaic pins, custom sharkskin laminated concealex sheath, 9" OAL, 4.5" blade 


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Man alive, the description's longer than the blade! But I do like Damascus steel and that does look good.

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This is one of my pocket knives, the one I carry most often. It was my grandfather’s knife and he gave it to me when I was a boy. I don't know if he was a Boy Scout or not. I have carried it for at least 40 years in my coat or pants pocket. Not every day but most days I had it with me. There is something reassuring about feeling the weight of it with me. It is a Richard Sheffield Scout Knife which were made in Sheffield England from 1934 – 1982. Based on my Grandfathers age this knife was most likely manufactured in 1935 – 1937.

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