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And it's shipping out today!


Evan Nicolaides (Esnyx) Teardrop jack in CPM 154, with hand jigged dyed bone scales.



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Canal Street Cutlery:  5" "Squeeze" Lock Back






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Kershaw Squaw Creek ASU-6A Carbon Fiber Lockback Knife 2150CF




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Great Eastern Cutlery: Northfield, Natural Stag, Montana Workhorse Whittler




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Esnyx Teardrop jack arrived yesterday afternoon. It's a beauty. 



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Very nice teardrop jack! You don't see those everyday, but that looks like a very useful beauty! How does it walk+talk?


I just got my first knife in a couple of years: a ZT0450 which is an amazing knife and my first ZT (mostly Spyderco with some CRK and a few semi-custom knives). When I was deep into the knives a few years ago, this kind of quality + materials for this price was unheard of. Now it seems to be the new expectation. Next to my Investigator pen which has been EDC for a few years now. It started out blasted, but I brushed it.


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Nice! The new 450 was ticking quite a few boxes for me, but I'm holding off for now. Spyderco has a few new models I'm interested in as well. Maybe if I land a new client, I'll splash out.


Walk and talk on the teardrop is fantastic. I've had a lot of very good traditionals - both old and new. This is right up there with the best of the old Hammer Brand/Schrade/NYKCo's of the 20s-50s. Evan really knocked it out of the park with this creation. It has quickly become my preferred daily carry. 

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That's great! I really like the lines, both open and closed, and the combination opener tool. I don't have a really nice traditional just a bucket-load of SAK's, but I'd love to get a nice single blade slip-joint. You've definitely tickled my fancy, my next knife just might be something from Evan.


Yeah, Spyderco has definitely exploded with a bunch of radically new knife styles after playing it safe for a few years. When I got this, it was a toss-up between the Southard and the 0450, but I prefer all Ti handles and this one came up with an unbeatable price. 

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David Mosier Grand Leveller



A pair of GTC Airbornes





Terry Guinn Gargoyle





Microtech Sigil




Kevin Foster R1


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I was knifemaker a long time ago, now I make costumes and replica props, especially Star Wars and Harry Potter props, I'm buying a home, maybe I will try to make knives again, because it's quite easy to do, compared to replica props, and has high value for collectors.




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Here are some pics of what I made in the past:


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I like that last Laguile clone - especially the filework and shaping of the handle, and also really like the clean lines on that tortoiseshell and damascus one. Nice work all around. Do/Did you do your own forging or heat-treating? or buy bar stock to shape, and send out?

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Not all knives but some of my blades all from Angelsword in this collection:


Wootz Damascus pieces.  Claw is about 3in total small knife has a blade about 2in


Angelsword Bowie knife from the 80's blade is about 6in and the tip is double edged with a twisted wire wrap.


Long knife blade is 11in long with a red oak handle made by me


My Katana blade is about 28in


My English Broadsword blade is about 30in

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One of the custom made knives I picked up on my recent trip to Montana.



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Another fixed blade I picked up on my recent trip.



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