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Woohoo! I chucked out a big load of old magazines for recycling last week, and afterwards, I couldn't find my damascus Laguiole-style knife. I thought "well, that's gone forever", as the bin had been emptied the same afternoon.


Then, sorting out Christmas presents for wrapping, I found the knife in the bag which contained all the cards I'd bought. I like that knife a lot - it looks like this one, only with a cream-coloured handle.


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Close call! Glad you found it. 

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Originally Posted by PalJoey View Post

I am considering a Monnerie for my next purchase.

Despite finding the Laguiole I thought I'd lost, I have ordered the Monnerie anyway. It's just too beautiful not to have, and would serve as a spare steak knife at a pinch.

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The Monnerie has arrived! The handle's slightly darker than in the photos I've posted, and it is an inch longer than the Laguiole, at 8.5 inches (unfolded).


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Well that certainly is pretty. I've been looking at a Thiers french folder in juniper wood. I like the shape of that one though. 


Just received a 50s-60s Primble redbone barlow that I'd been eyeing for a while. 


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Just arrived today. A Schrade Cutco (Walden NY) EO Teardrop jack, with tortoiseshell celluloid scales. Circa 1945, I believe. 


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