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First knife and pistol purchases though I'm kind of regretting both as I think they are too big for carry. Though the 9mm is less than 1" thick, I'd rather something smaller like the Ruger LCP (.380ACP) for pocket carry instead of IWB. And I want another fixed blade but with a smaller overall profile and weight (including sheath). Any recommendations for small and fixed? That knife by the way is the Ontario RAT-3, which goes for about $70 so I'd like to keep the budget within that amount.


Ruger LC9 - similar to LCP, but in 9mm. 

Blade, I don't have a reco in that price point. For IWB carry, I would probably look at the Spyderco Street Beat, for ~$130

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Originally Posted by liamstrain View Post


Ruger LC9 - similar to LCP, but in 9mm. 

Blade, I don't have a reco in that price point. For IWB carry, I would probably look at the Spyderco Street Beat, for ~$130


Thanks for the tip, but after further research I would prefer a folder, specifically one that can lock open and closed (so I feel safer pocket carrying). An example would be the Benchmark levitator mechanism used in the Benchmite (OOP but you can easily find the Harley Davidson themed version still :confused_face:). Actually, I've only found the few Benchmarks with that ability and only the Benchmite is small enough for me. If anyone knows any others please let me know.


Benchmite examples:



LCP vs PPS. In this image the PPS has the pinkie extender mag. The flush fitting mag is an optional extra, so thats why I cant easily find an exact comparison photo. I use the flush mag. My Walther PPS is about the same size as the LC9 already. I am leaning towards the LCP for pocket carry. Its just too convenient and less likely to be left at home.: 



EDIT: Looks like two common known types of locking mechanisms: the lever and ring lock, will lock in both closed and open positions.

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Makes sense. To me, the LC9 felt and carried a lot slimmer than the PPS (similar overall width, but the LC9 was slimmer in the barrel/slide), which made it more comfortable for my carry. Nothing is as comfortable as my PPK was, but those days are long gone (sold it a decade ago), and I do prefer the 9mm round over 380. 


There are a lot of great folders out there, even in the price point you spec'd. Are you looking for assisted open, or flipper, etc.?

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No assist. I like the Benchmite because the locking mechanism requires two hands to open making it even more unlikely to accidentally open in a pocket.:


Other knives I've found with both open and closed locks are either assisted or are single-hand operated such as this CRKT:


I would get a PPK, but Walther (Germany) doesn't manufacture the ones that are sold here. S&W (U.S.A.) builds and distributes, and quality is poor. 

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For what it is worth, I have carried many dozens of knives in pockets, clips, and otherwise for a long time. I have never had a non-assist, non-auto knife accidentally open in my pocket. Not once. Anecdotal, but there it is. My traditional folders need two hands to open, but I like my modern blades to open with one hand (thumbstud or flipper) - much more handy for actually using in a pinch (cutting something you are holding with your older hand - rope, boxes, seatbelts, etc.). 

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If the blade is being carried strictly for utility then the benchmite would suffice,
But if its for last defense i would recommend something with one hand opening. There are some decent ones available in your price range. Also I have carried a tactical folder and fixed blade on my uniform for almost 20 years now, I have never had one open in my pocket, even my autos.
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Ken Onion Mini Wrinkle



Tom Mayo Covert Wharnie (6k blade, all non ferrous materials) 


Oddly enough still wouldn't get you onto a plane LOL. Full body scanners picked up that I had a receipt in my pocket, let alone a knife.



Rocksteads are awesome, that blade is gorgeous and they're not considered true handmade customs, someone sat there and polished that blade by hand and that knife is pure cutting performance which is rare in the world of "my knife is tougher because it can do this stupid thing".


I'm glad to see my thread still up.. can't believe I was just a kid when I posted it. Now I'm a friggin MOT, and it funds my hobbies, I couldn't be more happy about that haha.

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Seriously jealous of your collection Chris
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Who made good kitchen knives ?  

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Shun, Mac, Chris Reeve, Global, among a few others. I particularly like the Shuns.

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Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post

Who made good kitchen knives ?  


Shun, if you can find them. The line was discontinued after KAI (the ringleader for Kershaw, ZT, and Shun) boned Ken Onion out of his proper royalties. They still make his folders though..


I also like Wustof, but you're much, much, much better buying only what you need and not a "set" and having 'em custom made :)



My friend Tom Krein builds these. He's another custom knifemaker with sold-out tables at every show for his wonderful folders. These start at $365, but you get the novelty of having something made bespoke for you and you can send them back whenever they need to be sharpened. You can specify what type of steel you want as well.



Another FANTASTIC maker is Don Andrade:




He builds what I believe is an heirloom grade knife, they will never go out of style, and they perform just as well as they look. You will be proud to pass these down to your family.

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Avoid global,


the spotted stainless steel handle is hell for prolonged use, they dont keep their edge very well and they have a tendency to snap in half...


Personaly... you will pull my henkles out of my cold dead hands.

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It's a hoot to find this forum here.  I know a lot more about knives than I do headphones...


Probably my favorite is a Mad Dog ATAK 2.  The O1 steel takes and keeps a good edge.  Then a Benchmade AFCK made from ATS-34, a 4" folder,  Some other folders (Boker, Gerber, Boye), a Kabar, some other fixed kit blades I finished poorly.


I bought one of the last blades from Bob Engnath, who was a legend in the grinding business, before he died.  I didn't do the blade justice with my putting a handle on it, but I'm still glad to have it - 15" Bowie knife ground from 1/4" 440C.

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Originally Posted by Chris_Himself View Post


Shun, if you can find them. The line was discontinued after KAI (the ringleader for Kershaw, ZT, and Shun) boned Ken Onion out of his proper royalties. They still make his folders though..




They still make most of the Shun line, as far as I can tell. At least the classic/pro/blue/sora lines (Classics are what I have). But not the Onion sets. Best bang for the buck, IMO.

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Yeah, I didn't know that about the KO Shuns. I just bought one of the Santokus now that I know they're going to be discontinued. Those ergos are pretty unusual for a kitchen knife.

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