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Originally Posted by Aaron94 View Post

Just ordered a USMC Kabar off Amazon for about $60, opinions?


Solid, classic (if big and slightly unwieldy). I have had one for a decade or two, and used it maybe once. But they represent a good value, IMO.

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I've been a little busy.. dang cable business kinda took off this summer.


Custom Blackwood Skirmish


A couple Bob Terzuola ATCF's


Chris Reeve Mnandi w/ Box Elder

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Nice Chris!. I like a lot of Reeve's, and Terzuola's blades. 


Grats on the cable biz pickup,

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Beautiful stuff Chris. I've been personally wallowing in the glory of my PM2. Seriously, this is the best production knife I've ever handled. I preferred it to the Sebby I got to play with a little while back, honestly. Not that I don't want a Sebby, they are absolutely gorgeous pieces of work. But if I'm going to spend money like that for something that's not as good as my PM2... Idk, I'd rather plop down for a Will Moon or something.

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My carry pieces

Sorry for the glare in the pic
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My Mcusta Tactility MC-122D :D I carry this everyday. I love it so much biggrin.gif Also got a Spydie Civilian laying around somewhere, I'm not carrying that (of course), but I'll post some pictures sometime later.

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First knife and pistol purchases though I'm kind of regretting both as I think they are too big for carry. Though the 9mm is less than 1" thick, I'd rather something smaller like the Ruger LCP (.380ACP) for pocket carry instead of IWB. And I want another fixed blade but with a smaller overall profile and weight (including sheath). Any recommendations for small and fixed? That knife by the way is the Ontario RAT-3, which goes for about $70 so I'd like to keep the budget within that amount.

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You'll adapt very fast to carrying a gun that slim IWB.  Unless you are overweight, then people seem to ditch IWB pretty fast due to comfort.

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Any Rockstead fans up here ?



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Originally Posted by Spurs View Post

Any Rockstead fans up here ?



You have one? That's pretty cool, definitely something you don't see every day. How is their special formula of steel holding an edge for you relative to others out there?

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Originally Posted by Spurs View Post

Any Rockstead fans up here ?




I haven't heard of them before o_o, can you post a picture that shows the blade? And indeed, a knife you do not see every day :)

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The knife edge is sharp and also sustain really good. I don't baby this knife. I pretty much try to cut everything I can reach. And the knife is still sharp as hell. There is no way that Sebenza or Rick Hinderer can compare with it. Out of my surprise the mirror like finish on the blade actually works pretty well. No signs of wear yet.

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Spyderco Civilian C12GS

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Oh WOW, that Rockstead is a lot better looking than I thought.

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