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iPhone and UM2s

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Anybody know if UM2s can be filed down to fit into the iPhone jack? It looks like the circular metal portion of the UM2 plug might be larger than the opening for iPhone headphone jack, but it looks really close.

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Without actually seeing a pair, it's hard to say - BUT - I have yet to come across a plug that couldn't be trimmed down to fit. I have a couple of adapters that, after trimming the plastic/rubber sheath, are VERY close - but all fit. I've trimmed down two sets of iems to fit, also. If the Westones have a similar plug, there will be a stepped set of "rings" along the metal piece inside the sheath. The bottom most ring will actually fit into the recess where the plug fits in the iPhone - IF it's the same as others I've encountered.

Worst case scenario - I bet Westone would fit a plug that works for very little.
They have probable already been asked about this A LOT! You could even ask if you can send in your iBuds to have the "cord transplant" surgery so you can have high end music and phone conversations :-) Though, as expensive as the UM2s are, the wiring may actually be higher grade than the Apples. That's come to be a pretty common procedure for mid-end earbuds and iems, though. Works quite well if you can solder or know someone who can...
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Thanks for the response. I sent an email to Westone to see what they recommend. Will post when I hear from them.

I was hoping a UM2 owner in the group had maybe already tried the trim down or at least someone might know the precise measurements of the UM2 plug and the iPhone opening. I'm not sure what tool to use to take such small measurements.

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