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Bummer,... according the packaging, the 50 free songs from emusic promo ended last month! I was kinda looking forward to tightening up my library. Oh well,.. no matter. I still got a pair of nice Earphones.

Been listening to some Reggae tunes,... stuff with both smooth rolling and quick-n-tight low freq stuff. These things either seem to be getting better or my ears are becoming accustomed and familiar. Either way, they're sounding pretty good. Still using iTunes from the laptop. I am noticing that iTunes does sound different than WMP. Playing same tunes, some of them same format (mp3), and they sound different. I guess my point is,... I hadn't noticed any difference prior to me getting these im390's in my ears.

Andrew,... I have some questions. I'll PM you around the beginning of the week.

Ndugu,... you get your Maximo's yet? Let us know how you like them!
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acaua, They won't, but we'll have an adapter soon.

ericpd, The eMusic offer is still good -- just go to our website. The packaging needs to be updated.
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I believe the emusic offer was extended till December. It just doubles the normal intro offer of 25 free songs that you usually see. You need to sign up and give your CC info.

I gave mine to a friend today. They had about ~70 hours on them. I thought they slightly improved and might still with further use/burn-in. I listened throughout and had no worsening occur. One reason may be that I opened up the holes like the newer version. Maybe when the driver loosens up and moves more air the sound worsens since it can't escape as well. Like I said before, I heard no change until around 35 hours and after. I heard no change when I enlarged the holes at around 20 hours. Seems to fit. The sound would become worse like covering the back of an open can with your hands. It may just be that they can sound pretty bad even though I wouldn't have heard it. So, you can either exchange for the new version or you can still keep them and enlarge the ports. Some proof there that those dynamics need their air flow!
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Man,... these things are one tic-toc shy of incredible (8:59:58 a.m. as apposed to 9:00:00 a.m.,... ONE TIC-TOC). I say 'One Tic-Toc' because I'm not even sure what incredible is when it comes to this species of audio device. Today is the third day of burn-in, and more importantly, the first day I've tried applying any EQ to them. All I got to say is that properly EQ'd the iM-390 sounds even better (now I know I gotta leave WMP alone and find something else,... WMP sports no EQ). Better than anything I'm used to that is. Now for some of you guys that are well versed in these things, I can understand how you can pick up on the subtle stuff and can better define the pros and cons. But for someone like me who grew up on using whatever ear piece included in the box of whatever device I brought home from the store,... these things are a new chapter. If these sound this good, I can't wait to hear what the revised units will bring to the table.

Andrew,... can you elaborate on what exactly the improvements are that were made to the iM-390's during the revision? Thanks man!
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I want a pair!

Aarrghh, the above says it all....

I would want to try them, but I live on the wrong side of the earth (apparently).
When I looked at vendors that would even consider shipping to the Europe the shipping always was same as or more then the phones....

Any idea where or even when to get them over here?
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Same with me.. I've been reading this thread for a couple of days but decided to register now.
I did email directly asking about UK distributors but I haven't had a reply yet. Any input from Andrew?
Also does anyone know if there is much difference between these and the iM-490S which imo look slightly nicer..
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Originally Posted by tstarn06 View Post
Well said Amish. Funny, but I didn't even listen to the IM-390s out of the box. I went right to the pink noise file/burn-in for 40-50 hours. Hmmm. Maybe we ruined them with pink noise? It doesn't make sense, but it could have happened.
I suppose anything is possible, but I am a little doubtful that the pink noise ruined them. The volume level I set them at during burn in was slightly lower than I normally listen to (which is pretty conservative), and every other set of dynamic driver canal phones I have done this with responded positively (JVC Marshmallows & MylarOne X3s).

I do recall one interesting observation when I first listened to the old version iM-390s out of the box...the highs were extremely unstable. By this, I mean that although they sounded good at the time, I was constantly adjusting my treble to make them sound best, even when listening to the same song repeatedly. I figured pink noise burn in would do the trick in stabilizing everything sonically. It did, but unfortunately at levels worse than right out of the box. A shame, because I reallly liked how they sounded initially. If this issue has been resolved with the new version, then I understand the excitement expressed by some of those who have them. They did sound very nice right out of the box!
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With my pair, I never adjusted the highs once. Highs better than the PK2 straight out of the box and through the time they left me. The night before I gave them away I had about two hours with them and they were sounding pretty sweet. My friend got a better sounding phone than the PK2 for free.

Probably a bit of variance in the drivers. I starting to think I may have had a better sounding pair. The descriptions of the new one matches exactly what my old version sounded like.
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Arrrrg! My revised units still haven't shipped yet. I'm still seeing "Sent to Warehouse" under Status on Buy.com's order tracking page! How long have some of you guys had your revised units?

So Amish & jant71,... are you saying that owners of the original units should expect a decrease in sonic quality as days slip under the bridge? Not knowing anything about pink or white noise, I just used internet radio programming to do my burn-in, might this isolate me from the problems I think I'm hearing you guys talking about?

Initially,... I was thinking the difference between the revs. where basically tuning. One with a big hole and tighter bass and one with a smaller hole sporting a slightly more aggressive bass. This is what lead me to entertain keeping one of each,... for different music genre maybe. However, if I'm looking at improved build, sonic stability, and/or durability, I might wanna take Andrew up on his membership exchange offer. Still,... the pair I have sound damn good,... as is!
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Originally Posted by ericpd View Post
So Amish & jant71,... are you saying that owners of the original units should expect a decrease in sonic quality as days slip under the bridge?
Very possible, but YMMV. If it does delcine, I suspect that it will occur over a more prolonged period as pink noise generally speeds in the break in process (should you believe in such things) over traditional listening. Put it out of your mind, listen for a month, then reevaluate your EQ settings to see if you need readjustment for optimal performance.

Also remember, what I personally consider a decrease in quality (with burn-in) someone else might prefer. I am a big-time Grado/Alessandro fan & love my highs clear, airy, and detailed. Others might find those very same highs painful, screechy, and eardrum-rupturing.

EDIT: Point of information...I have not opened up the port hole in the driver housing.
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Talk radio, music, pink noise, white noise, whatever color noise. Makes no difference except maybe how fast the changes happen, if there are any in the first place. In the end the drivers will undergo whatever change they are meant to. You can't alter using different methods/types, it is just a part stretching/loosening up/breaking in with repeated movement. All you need is the movement. Any and all forms of "noise" generate it.

I felt they got a bit better with burn-in. A bit. Not much up to 70 hours. But they certainly never got worse for me. Again I did open the back ports up a bit more. Whether that was the difference or not, others said they seem to have had changed for the worse.
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Mapstec & GeorgeXIV, thanks for your interest! We're currently working on getting Euro & UK distribution. Will let you know any updates.

For the iM-490S, it was actually designed first (as part of our Made for Sansa line), then the iM-390 was modeled from it. The sound should be similar. The iM-390 includes 2 extra (non-Sansa) adapters: 2.5mm (for smartphone) and airline.
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Request to be included in the exchange program

Originally Posted by Andrew H View Post
Dr p,
It's a reasonable (if no somewhat expected) request. I'll see what we can put together. And thanks for your positive comments. (We'll pretend it's not just a scheme to "butter me up"!!)

Not sure how many others here picked them up already, but one thing I am thinking is to limit any "upgrade" program to existing h-f members. Just so that people don't come here just to sign up and claim their "me too", then disappear forever. So perhaps the cutoff date should be today (so as to include ericpd). Seems fair, or any concerns?
Hey Andrew,
I bought mine on 9/13 from buy.com after reading the reviews on here a few weeks before that. Do you know if the stock that Buy.com has as of 9/13 is the new one or the old one. If it is the old one, can you please include me also in the upgrade program. I have been reading headfi for a few months now and was looking for a budget earphones and reading the initial reviews on here decided to go with these. Hope I wouldnt be left feeling cheated and end my venturing into the world of good quality headphones.

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These look interesting. My pretty half would kill me if I got another set of IEM's.
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Might buy to try. If it doesn't stand up to scrutiny, I'd just give them to my bro.
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