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Received the upgrade pair for $12 shipped today. I definitely enjoy the sound of these more than the originals. I don't feel like they lost any of the bass, if anything it is tighter. This newer version feels more open, these also need about 15-20% less volume compared to the original design. Thanks Andrew!
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I would like to try these. But where can I go to get the new version?

I'd rather not take a chance and get the older one. So where can I order these? Sounds like it's worth a listen
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I just PM'd you where the best deal is.
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I don't know if anyone posted this but both the imetals came up on ilounge's "first looks".

iPod Accessory First Looks | iLounge
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I bought these on a whim and they actually sound ok. I also bought the atrio m8 which is just the same as atrio m5 but blue, cuz m5 was sold out....anyway considering the price. I paid 20 bucks for it. They are a good backup set. They are very mellow and with no equalization sound very good so far. Seem like they would be easy to hear for long periods of time. If I consider how much the atrios cost and these cost. They are a very good budget deal. Not as bright as ksc75, you tend to miss the highs if your used to them but as I said they are less fatiguing that way.

How much burn in do they require?
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Are the current IM-390s from buy.com the new model?


I was reading this thread with much interest. buy.com currently has a good special on the maximo im-390s, but I want to be sure that they're currently carrying the latest model, and not the older one. Andrew, do you have any idea which im-390 buy.com is currently shipping? The picture on the website is displaying the old model, but that probably doesn't mean anything as the staff is most likely not even aware of the existence of 2 different models.

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The units on Buy are quite fresh. Just shipped out from us last week, in fact.

Hurry though -- I think tomorrow is the last day.
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So you're definitely positive that the current crop of Maximo im-390 headphones from buy.com are the new ones then?

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Definitely the new ones. Any old stock they might have had would have cleared out around last Nov.
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Paulie, I just received my order from buy.com yesterday, and they're the new version. Go ahead and order.
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Thanks so much for the feedback! I have already ordered my Maximos, and am waiting for them to arrive!! I'm excited at the prospect of hearing them, especially when some people are mentioning them in the same breath as the much vaunted Etymotic ER-6s!

I'm under no illusions here, but if it offers sound that even gets halfway to the clarity and transparency of the Etys, I'll be happy enough! Any tips on on burning them in, and fitting them properly in your ears? (it seems like that is the main determining factor in how well they sound)

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Well,... I received my first shipping of the iM390's Nov 2007. They were the original versions and Andrew H kindly allowed us all who purchased in that time window to exchange them for the newer/cleaner version. Here it is Xmas day (Merry Christmas everyone) and they finally gave up their soul. Left ear works and the right side is dead. I know we discussed in here somewhere something about a lifetime warranty, but I'm wondering if that is still the case. Quck query: besides me, how many are still using their two year old sets?

Think I'll scurry on over to the Maximo site and look into the warranty. Hopefully I can get assistance over there. I AM going to replace my iM390's,... the question is can I do this under warranty or do I purchase a new set from scratch!

Again,... Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!
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iM-390 still have the lifetime warranty. I am sure Maximo will exchange a new set for you. If you like their product and looking for an upgrade from iM390, I'll suggest you get into contact with Andrew and there could be something worthy to look into in near future.
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I have had 3 pairs of iM-390's and of those pairs one was the original version. I've had to RMA once on the new version for a loose wire that connects to one of the buds which cut out audio (this was the pair that I used the most, almost daily for a year). Otherwise they have all been performing excellent. RMA replacement was quick and painless. I believe you are basically just paying shipping to send in your pair (just the earphones themselves, no eartips or accessories) and if they are found to have a fault they send you a replacement (new) pair. The lifetime warranty is a large part of why I own the iM-390's, that and the mostly great reviews for the amount that they cost.
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Well my iM-390's are still working strong. I get a little crackle on one side with one pair when I place them in,... it's the original pair before the upgrade. The other pair still works well and sound great,... after a little 18 months of use. But that's not why I came back after all this time. My job (the gubment) keeps winking it's eye at me while constantly suggesting I get bi-lingual. So I went out and got Rosetta Stone and for the last two weeks, set about the business of learning Spanish. Yelling at that little hole in the bezel of my laptop's screen is getting old, and the accuracy of whatever is behind that little hole is making both me and this new laptop look stupid. So now I'm in search of a pari of over-the-ear, closed ear headphones with an attached microphone as recommended in the software documentation. After remembering all the help, advise and patience I received here on the Maximo's, it was a challenge concluding that I should start my search here. But this board has changed drastically since my last visit, and I'm having trouble finding the proper place to start an on-topic post. So I just googled 'iM390+ericpd' in hopes of finding my (this) old thread and just add on to it. Hopefully some of the same helpful folks will see the new post and chime in with a little help and some suggestions.

I've developed an interest in one or two models from Plantronics, Microsoft and Logitech. Relatively cheap, and that's good, but I have no idea how to estimate how they'll sound based on the provided specs. Now I'm thinking that I might as well not only buy for Rosetta Stone, but if possible find something that can not only handle voice well enough for me to clearly hear this new language I gotta learn, but also do audio well enough for me to discover new instruments and nuances in some of my favorite tracks. However, a co-worker in the same boat as I, says such a product would violate some very fundamental rules of nature and physics and more than likely doesn't exist. My first question: "Is this true?".

I've got a budget of $125,... give or take. I figure since the models I found interesting were in the $50 range and getting both voice and audio quality in one product might be a challenge, $125 was reasonable. But as with most budgets, the more you learn, the more they swell. But I'm not trying to solve our health care problem though.

Thanks for any and all help/advise!

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