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The Clemson/Auburn game was a time of my life I'll never get back. My parents have currently decided I'm not worth talking to anymore (don't ask, I don't know, it was news to me) - and I thought of Clemson won, that maybe, just maybe, I'd have an excuse to call home. It didn't happen, and I knew there would be six more weeks of winter.
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huskers forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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80,149 at the husker spring game yesterday!!! the times are getting nuts!!!!!
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I'm looking forward to our Spring game next Sat. I hope the weather holds!
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I just checked LSU's 08' schedule. First game is Appy St.

I don't think I could take it.
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Heh, I can sense a little excitement there kain. Yes sir, word has spread far and wide about the renewed Husker enthusiasm. Here in Okieland, we were quite impressed at the prices the spring game tickets fetched!

Spring may be the best part of the year because hope ahem springs eternal. With that in mind, there's no reason, other than a depleted secondary which looks nicely re-loaded, that OU should lose a game next year. They should be favored in every one. However, reality has a way of crashing the party!

Big picture, the usual suspects look strong, especially Florida and Ohio State. For a "non-name" squad, how about Missouri? They're coming off the beatdown of Arkansas with 16 return starters. They start the year with the Illinois boder war and have to travel to Texas. Other than that, the schedule looks manageable. The Tigers could be poised for a very successful year.
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the biggest problem the tigers has is one thing- PINKEL, they could have had a NC a few years ago with brad smith until he "idioted" it up we'll just see if he chokes again this year, cause he definitely has the tools to succeed. Osborne always referred mizz as a sleeping giant, now that blaine gabbert has recruited for them the giant has awoken
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So, who else is starting to get excited! I go to our season opener in 8 DAYS!!!!!! Can't wait. I'm expecting good things from the Wildcats this year. Senior QB and RB who have been among the Big 10 elite playing in what has been one of the best offenses around for the last 8 years since it was debuted - I am expecting a LOT of points to be scored up in Evanston this year. Of course, as usual, the visiting teams will likely score a lot too, but I am still thinking a bowl game is within reach for NU this year.

How does everyone else feel about their squads?
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YES! My Sun Devils open next weekend vs. the Lumberjokes! I'll be there as always. ASU has quite the difficult schedule this year. UGA at home, USC and Cal on the road... they play 1 home game between 9/21 and 11/14 (4 road games out of 5.) Rudy Carpenter, who makes me nervous, returning for his last hurrah as the Pac 10's best QB... Wait, what? Yeah, take a look at his comp, he's really the best QB in the Pac-10!

ASU is loaded at the skill positions. The O-line could once again be a question mark, but basically the only direction from last year is up for them. (3rd most sacks allowed last year, nationally) We have 2 very good defensive ends, the DTs are somewhat unproven though, so that could be ugly with UGA and USC. Linebackers are solid, secondary is mondo talented, but somewhat young. Most are picking ASU for a 2nd place finish again this year, and I can agree with that. I'd be happy with another Holiday Bowl visit, elated with possibly an at-large BCS invite should we manage to beat UGA and lose to USC or a Pac-10 title and Rose Bowl visit.

Either way, I'm looking forward to some positive stuff this year! We'll see how the chips fall! GO DEVILS!
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Yeah, I have the fever myself.

I vote for a fresh new thread for 2008. Why don't one of you gentleman fire it up? Either way, I'll add my thoughts next week.
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Skylab - I am sooo going to be there.

Except - I will be in the student section - going with friends and dragging a younger brother along. He will be "snuck" into the student section.

Ahem. Go 'Cats!
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umm...the buckeyes will destroy everyone in the big 10...returning so many players...and wells is just a beast at RB
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Head on over to the 2008 thread for this year's football fanaticism!
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