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Which album that you're listening the most lately ...

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Post the album that is stuck in your mind lately. You can't forget the songs lyrics and keep singing all the time in your head.
Could be vinyl, CD, DVD, VHS concert, SACD, DVD-Audio, cassete, etc. - whatever. The point is to let others know what you're listening the most.

I'm currently stuck to G. Love - Lemonade album. I discovered that it's very good.

What about you. What album have you been listening lately ... ?
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Amon Duul II Live in London. Poor SQ but wonderful playing.
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Bathory - Nordland II. Just doenst get old. Becomes more epic and glorious everytime.
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One of my favorites from the 90s, Luna's Bewitched. One of the last performances by the great Sterling Morrison of the Velvet Underground guesting on a couple of the songs, and they do carry on that twin guitar sound. Songs flow from one to another like honey. Quirky but not undecipherable lyrics. Great guitar playing from Dean and Sean Eden. And as always, drummer Stan Demeski brings along some of his distinctive Feelies feel, albeit slightly toned down on this one. Ten songs without a duffer in the bunch, opening with the wonderful "California (All The Way)", followed by the very fun "Tiger Lily" and then one of my very favorites in the first guest spot for the distinctive Sterling Morrison, "Friendly Advice", that goes on effortlessly for 6 1/2 minutes with one of the best extended guitar workouts of its time. And when they get to the middle of the album and "This Time Around", with the Hammond Organ and vibes, I'm so there. Very cool listen. Kind of an indie rock classic in my mind, if you can have indie rock from Time Warner. Sure, I love Dean's previous band Galaxie 500, and Luna can never really take the place in my mind of that much more groundbreaking band, but they're still one of my favorites, and the aptly titled Bewitched is more of a goto type album for me than any of the others. Got real nice sound too, really have to crank it up, unlike most new music. Was just reading a nice interview with Dean talking about all things Luna and G500, and the Luna retrospective from last year, as well as what he and his wife Britta are up to nowadays.
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Probably a tie between Primus - Suck on This and Journey - Greatest Hits
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Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
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Liars - s/t

Fantastic listen. The boys surprise again with punky'delic, garage pop.
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spandau ballet - the best of spandau ballet
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Nina Nastasia & Jim White - You Follow Me

Her voice is stunning, as always, and the two of them definitely work well together. With a running time of 31:22, I'm always left wanting more, which is never a bad thing.
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The Live side of Ummagumma just went out of my regular rotation. I'm in a musical discovery mode at the moment, so I don't really have any right now.
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The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds.
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What I'm listening to a lot lately has no lyrics and the songs average about 20min. each. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven. Some of the best progressive music I have ever heard, and they are Canadian too. These guys are good, real good.
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Ayreon - The Human Equasion .

simply a masterpiece , i've been rediscovering it for 3 years .
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