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open ear lover seeks closed cans by order of wife.

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For as long as I can remember I've always loved, and used open air cans, I can't say why but it's where I started and it's where I've always stayed. Every time I saw something with closed sides I think DJ and a head-ache kicks in. I know this isn't reality, but you stick with what you know - right?

Well, times change and I've recently been put in the situation of having to move and during this move we're going to be staying with the in-laws in their spare bedrooms (yes i'm scared, hence this thread).

I own, and love my Vienna Acoustics Beethoven and Bach speakers, but am not always able to listen to them (new home being built / planned atm will address this). My only escape from my lovely, albeit loud children are my headphones. I've had a pair of HD-600's as long as I can remember, having added a Pair of HD-650's about a year ago and a pair of RS-1's at some point (of which I love their sound, however my massive size 8 head doesn't do much to make long listening comfortable). So here are the facts - for the time being my 50" Plasma, PS3(no it's not the best SACD transport but it works), 360, Denon 3807, wife, headphones will be in a medium sized room for the next 4-5 months and I have found out that I will "be a dead man" if I don't find some way of listening to music that doesn't at all alert her to this fact. I thought well, closed can is my savior - then again, I've never so much as listened to such a thing. Daft eh? Yeah.

So please help, hopefully the above gives you some indication as to what I like, my budget should not exceed 1k USD. I'm not adverse to spending more on a separate amp in addition to the new cans. I've looked at the AT5000, which looks handsome, but I haven't a clue how it sounds. I've seen the Denon line as well, again no clue as to how they sound. I haven't a single hifi headphone dealer locally to try said items out (which is normally how I buy anything hi-fi related), and everyone whom I know and trust is like me and owns and uses exclusivly open air cans.

Please help, my wife needs silence as much as I need to cut out the world around me after I come home from work
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oh, and please forgive any spelling errors. I'm really terrible with that.

and thanks in advance for any help.
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I would get IEMs in that case. Your wife will see big closed cans as a reminder. It sounds like she's just itching to bust your balls.

Oh, look at q-JAYS. It might have the sound you like.
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Dude you live in Seattle, Go down Roosevelt going south of 65th. there are a lot of stereo stores close together so you can go park and walk and go test drive a lot of different headphones. Oh yeah, bring your CD's. It will be fun.
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Wow. I thought that was the Magnolia, Def Audio, and a few used store lane. Who actually sells headphones? I should have mentioned but I've also got some Shure E3Cs and have tried several different molds. I think prince-ably I'm adverse to things being inside my ears. Apologize, I should have said that from the get-go.
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W5000...why not go all-out? Doesn't isolate very well but it sure sounds purty...
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I've heard good things about Darth Beyers. Hop on over to headphile and check 'em out.
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Ultrasone Proline 750's.
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I think Darth Beyers will have too much bass, relative to the HD650, and much more rolled off compared to an RS1.

I would look at an Ultrasone as a starting point. I've heard the Ed. 9 and Darth Beyers. The Ed.9 has much tighter, impactful, and faster bass, with a more forward presentation than a Darth Beyer. The HD650 isn't overly fast, so the lesser Ultrasone's may do well. I've not heard the AKG K271S, but one member says it has HD650 type bass if properly amped.
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Thanks, that's what I'm looking for Holland - something that contrasts to what I know and love.

Jpelg - the only thing i've heard of 750's is in negative light, did you find they require long burn in or possibly picky about gear? Don't get me wrong I don't want to offend.
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If you can stand something sticking in your ears your best bet are IEMs since they do provide stellar isolation.
Nowadays some of those tiny thingies do sound quite decent and after your circumstances will have changed to the better you could redesignate them for portable purposes like airplanes or lawn mowing.
All the good sounding closed headphones I've came across (high-end Sonys, ATs, Denons) didn't isolate that well and are therefor not suitable for your situation.The denons are the best of the bunch as far as leakage is concerned but still not enough for a sensitive women.
With IEMs you could listen at ear splitting volume and your spouse would hear nothing and your children will seem to be silent like the best behaved children imaginable .......
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Either way thou, looks like either the W5000 or the 750's from Ultrasone. Can anyone recommend a dealer for the W5000 to check in with, or would asking that break site rules?
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cosmopragma - do you think if I did the plunge into seeing an ear doc and getting molds made it would make that much of a difference for comfort?

does anyone have any experience with that here? or otherwise solutions to in ear thingies creeping your out?
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Oh well, Ultrasones.
They are perceived controversially to say the least.
It seems to have something to do with the compatibility of your HRTFs with the S-Logic technology.
There are two camps: The Ultrasonistas and the Ultrasone bashers and not much in between.
It's even more recommended than with other brands to audition them before the purchase.
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As far as the W5000 is concerned, unless you buy them used your only options (that I know of) are Audiocubes and PriceJapan.
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