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Super.fi 5 EB.. wow!

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Hi guys,
well this is my second purchase inspired by Head-fi. The first was MylarOne X3.

But then after my GF commandeered those earphones, I have been on the lookout for new ones. The ecost discount (89$ for new Superfi 5 EB posted here on Head-Fi again) caught my eye and I immediately purchased them.

Wow!! really really good earphones. Im an earphone noob, so I wont be able to comment on a lot of stuff, but I sincerely feel the quality is better than MylarOne X3. The only thing was, it took me some fumbling to get it in my ear the first time (not straightforward like the Mylars).

I listen to a lot of trance as well as classical and the bass was definitely not overpowering (like V-Moda bass freq) and it was crystal clear.

Thanks guys.. Im gonna hang on to this for a long time.


P.S. incidentally I read up on UltimateEars and found a nice story about them on Inc.com (http://www.inc.com/magazine/20070601...re-volume.html) . Sorry for OT.
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Since you're new, I'll be the 1st to say DO NOT get discouraged by what posts will follow mine.

If it sounds good to YOUR EARS, then that's what counts. Alot of the people on here are "purists" of sorts, to where if there is ANY coloration to the source, it's shunned. And headphones like Bass Freqs, or SF5EBs aren't considered "real" cans simply because they're not really a neutral source.

But who cares, if the sound sig is to your liking, don't let anybody tell you otherwise. You seem to be a basshead, and us basshead deifnitions of bass vary differently from what others say is "bass heavy". People thing it's too much, where to us, considering the music we listen to, we're just getting started. Heck, look at my sig, I'm still trying to find a nightclub level of bass, but on my head.

That said, there are however "better" cans out there that are more rounded to non bass heavy music (you'll find out most people here, listen to jazz, classical and other "old fogey" music, lol). But since your main thing is Trance, the EBs are a great choice because alot of trance's energy comes from the BASS. I personally got UM2s because sometimes I like to hear things analytically, but MOST of the time, I love to just jam out and love bass without the other frequencies suffering. If you ever get a chance to A/B UM2s with EBs, you'll see alot of the other frequencies seem to be missing on the EBs, yet, it's still a fun can. The UM2s seemed to be a GREAT compromise, and in my case, not a compromise at all.
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Hey Sandeep

We have the same music tastes so I am very interested in how you find the EB's since I am looking for new IEMs.

It sounds like you quite liked them, I have been told that the bass is quite enhanced, but I am planning to amp the earphones so I might get too much bass.

How do you find the isolation and comfort of the earphones? How clear is the music?

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I'm lazy to look for the link.
But be patient with the EBs they will improve over time (about 200 hours).
Bass will tighten up and the rest of the spectrum will come through.
IF you have a good amp then it might be more bearable through the initial phase.

I use the EBs with the iMod and Portaphile and I cannot tell you how wide the soundstage is with words, you can only try it yourself. Sure, its not neutral. But there's one thing the EBs are, and that is FUN. One very good advantage the EBs have is headroom. Use it to the max.

Can't stress this enough.
EBs will sound muddy through the initial phase. THAT IS FOR SURE!
After 200 hours it will be a different beast. I KID YOU NOT.
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oicdn: thanks for the comments. I appreciate that, for in my newly begun journey for audio nirvana, maybe I will find that thou speaketh the truth. However, Im yet to listen to (and afford) very high end 'phones. So maybe if I hear the UM2, maybe I'll change my mind.

FeedMeTrance - Listen to a lot of Armin Van Buuren and Above 'n Beyond. I have used a friend's V-Moda bass freq and they give you a headache after sometime because of the bass. Now I'm using a direct line out from my Dell desktop at my work and the SF5EB sounds amazingly better. The mylar3 used to "tear" at very fast trance beat crescendo (you know when Armin just lets the beat go!). However SF5 dont .
Im sure if you amp of equalize it with a better source, you can take the bass as high or low as you want.
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I also like the fun factor and though I have tried the shure e500 and did not enjoy them as much, it is an individual thing and I repect the view of the others as I have not tired the um's or atrio's etc so I have to reserve judgement.
Just enjoy the sound and the headroom of the ebs. I agree with koike and respect oicdn views also.
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EB design for bass lover. Even 5pro's bass is overpowering for me.
May be you are bass-head and you did not realize.
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Well, I can tell you my story about the EB's.

I used to be a hopeless bassfreak, and then I read about the EB's and ordered them immediately. Heck - I sometimes used to put my equalizer on FULL bass (yeah, that's 12 db added to the already huge bump in the bass freq response on the EB's). I can't even imagine what that sounded like!

I used them for over a year and I LOVED them. Thought they were the perfect sound for me, and even imagined I would like them more than the custom UE-10 pro for $900.

After about a year I don't know what happened. I started to get tired of the bassy sound. So I bought the 5 pro's, they are also pretty bass-heavy, just not as much as the EB's. I immidately liked the sound, although it took me a couple of hours to get used to the drop in bass responce.

Now I love my pro's and never go back to the EB's, they just lie here on my desk unused. I sometimes think I need bass when I listen to trance or other bass heavy music, and then I try my EB's on and always the same reaction - yuuuck! How could I ever have listened to these?

Don't get me wrong though - I totally agree with oicdn - if they sound good to one's ears, then just be happy and ignore the others opinions. I didn't like when people said they were terrible, because I liked them so much. They are great IEM's in their price range if you are a basshead. Ultimate ears have made a great job creating these bassfreak IEMs. I believe it is simply a matter of taste if you like them or not.
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Hey... One more Eb lover. Koike is right!!!
When I got them. I expected much more bass from that beast. But they really need to be burned in. I finally got my bass after 3 days. They sound like a car with at least 2 13inch bass drivers. The bass is not overpowering, beleve me. The higs are very precize. They use the same balanced armature for the higs. as Pros, pros are more expensive because they have 2 balanced armature drivers that are more expensive. So pay 50$ less, and U will get the same sound with the better bass.
PS: Koike, I have a litle error with a messegner, so I couldn't conntact you to say that everything is ok with EB's. Thank you...
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hey no problem die kassette!
hope you enjoy the EBs
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die kassette - thanks for the info on the difference between pros and EB.. I could not figure out what the difference was by looking at their websites.

I do not understand why one cant simply equalize down the bass component of music (provided one has bassy earphones) and have them sound similar to non-bassy ones. Is the driver itself different?
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