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hd595 or sr60's

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Hi all,

I had some sr80's and they were hellishley uncomfortable so I sold them (although i did like the sound)

then I got some hd650's and sold them 9 months later as I hadn't used them...

now I am using some cx300's more and more and would like some cans again... but money is a bit tight.

I can get either hd595's or sr60's for the same price. what would people recomend... bearing in mind I would have to do some comfort mods on the sr60's to make them liveable for me.

thanks peeps.
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Sr-60 but only becuase I havent tried the Senns. If i work up some funds, maybe I will someday.
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You got rid of the SR-80 because of comfort issue and you expect the SR-60 to be that different in this respect (aside from the slight downgrade)? Go with the HD-595; they are reportedly damn comfortable.
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The SR60s are even more uncomfortable than the SR80s. The HD595s are however extremely comfortable and in a different league sound wise.
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i thought the ear pads on the sr60's were more comfortable and i was planning to get a headband of some sort to address the other source of discomfort... however if the 595 are sonically superior then it's a no brainer :-)
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IMO it's a no brainer unless you really love the Grado presentation and nothing else will do. I prefer the 595 to the 225, the 60 just isn't in the same league.

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This is a weird question since you didn't like the comfort of the 80s. I will say though that the 595s are extremely comfortable and will also put you further back in the audience.
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maybe not as weird as you think... i am drawn to the thought of modding the sr60's, but as i mentioned if the 595's are sonically superior then they are the choice for me...

thanks all for the input.
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Originally Posted by leng jai View Post
The SR60s are even more uncomfortable than the SR80s.
Definitely not. The SR-60 are way more comfortable than the SR-80. The comfie pads really made the difference. Some ears don't like bowls at all. But never saw one that preferred bolws over comfies ...
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595's since it will be a better deal. Normally the 595's should be 2x the price of SR60's.

I have no idea about their sound, but I disliked my 555's and iGrado's equally, and they are junior versions of 595 and SR60's......
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It just depends on what kind of sound you like. I had HD595s and MS1s (which are suppused to play similar to SR60) and despite MS1s had worse SQ they were far more often on my head than Senns
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Just wondering why you didn't use the HD650s? If you sold the HD650s, but liked the Grado sound then you could try the SR60s with flats. The HD650s are vastly superior to the HD595 IMHO, so depending on the reason why you sold the HD650s I would say go with the SR60s. Also both would sound good without needing an amp. Good luck
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i sold the 650's due to not using them at all.. nothing to do with sound quality. now my lifestyle has changed and i am using my iem's more often and hence want some cans as it is for watching movies etc. at night through my receiver.

anyways i have bought the 595's now so i will see how i get on

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