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This Or That  

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I have looked for this here, but nothing was found, so I thought I'd start a new forum game.

This is called 'This or That'

And it's simple: basically a choice of two options is given by the OP, the next poster has to pick one, then give another two options for the next poster, and so forth.


Poster 1: Mac or PC?
Poster 2: PC. Black or White?
Poster 3: White. Pub or Party?
... and so forth.

So I'll get the game going, and hopefully we can have funs

Coke Or Pepsi?
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Simpsons or Family Guy
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A chocolate-filled meringue with whipped cream or one small, ripe peach?
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meringue, allergic to peaches :[

acoustic or electric guitar
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Left or right?
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To Be or Not To Be?
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To BE!!

Color or colour?

EDIT: nvm my last edit
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Football or Soccer ... ?
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Soccer, I am American.

Pencil or pen?
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Pencil. I make too many mistakes to use pen.

:-) or ^_^?
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Originally Posted by fraseyboy View Post
Pencil. I make too many mistakes to use pen.

:-) or ^_^?
lol edited


^_^ due to the easy additions. For example: d^_^b

Speakers or headphones?
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Blonde or Brunette ... ?
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Magic Pebbles or Bose?

(I edited for a more general question: Oldies or modern music?)
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Modern (update for the edit!)

Interpol or Joy Division? (I hope this isn't too specific)
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Black iPod or White iPod?
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