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What would YOU like to upgrade in your PC/Audio rig?

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Well because most of the threads in f=59 are "What should I buy?!" posts, this looked like some fun for a change.

What would you like to upgrade in your current PC as Source rig?

Anything PC / Audio related allowed!

Okay, i'll start .

First i want to upgrade my videocard, to something like the, not yet announced, Nvidia 9800 series, my 6800U does fine today, but in the near future it won't be snappy enough to run 'next-gen' games in full glory.

And if i can somehow finance it, a Headphone that will be a big upgrade from my DT-550. I am looking into a DT-990 but i haven't heard it, so i do not know how big the upgrade will be. (for comparison, the DT-550 sounds much like the DT-880, pretty neutral, but the base is a bit shy)

Post your upgrade plans!
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Seeing as how I just upgraded with a DAC and headphone amp, about the only thing I have left to upgrade is my headphones. Needless to say, I should complete that by the end of September...
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I'm saving up for a good DAC... the VDA-2 and Citypulse 7.2x are on my short list. I'm leaning towards the VDA-2 but I'll only buy one used.
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Well, I've been looking for a DAC for a few months... Still not sure what to get... I want a DA100, but its a tad $$$. So who knows. Id love to try it first
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I would love to add the HeadRoom Ultra Micro + Ultra DAC to my computer rig when it comes out. That must be a killer transportable stack.
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Oh, and I also plan on buying a bunch of DIY stuff and making some sweet interconnects! And maybe ERS paper my whole computer.... (Kidding about the ERS)
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I want to get a sound card to replace the X-fi since I think it is on its way out and won't last much longer and i'm not a big fan of the way the onboard spdif out sounds. Not sure which one though, thinking about either the Asus Xonar D2, Auzentech Prelude(I do like to game, and I was able to get the X-fi to sound pretty decent, if it only hadn't started to fail on me), or Juli@.

And once I pay off all my recent mistakes(purchases of audio hardware that didn't sit well with the wife) I want to upgrade to the new AMD Phenom X4 processor, motherboard, ram, video card, etc. :P It'll be a while.
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Dac, definitley
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I have a Stereolink that has served me well for a few years, but I am using it a lot more for playback and it just isn't up to the quality of my other sources.
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Let me see.... Nothing.
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Only a 6800U??? Is it overclocked?

Right now I'm running a

DFI 590SLI Lanparty UT
2x1GB PC6400 OCZ Platinum (rev 1)
65W 3800+ X2 (running at 2.8ghz)
7900GS (vmodded and running 700mhz gpu, 1700mhz on the mem)
300GB maxtor, 250GB Maxtor, 250GB WD, 160GB Seagate
Gpu and Cpu bother watercooled.

I would like to upgrade my soundcard to a x-fi music, which i'm buying this weekend. I could also use another 500GB of hdd space or so.
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For me... I think I need to replace almost all parts when it comes to upgrading. Mine is bit outdated.
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Benchmark DAC-1 USB directly to a pair of Dynaudio BM15As... *drool*

But really, speakers are probably the next upgrade.
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I think id like to get myself an external DAC of some sort I dont think my av710's DAC is doing as good oj a job with my vintage kenwood amp as it could be.
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