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Mac whiz? I need help!

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I have been working on this iMac G3 for about a week now. My customers family member tried to help out by upgrading the existing 9.2 to 10.1.5, the upgrade failed and the system was useless when I received it. Since then I have wiped the drive, installed 10.1.5 and 9.2, both work fine. I returned the computer and made sure everything was working. Well apparently it's not, the system will print from 10, but not from 9. So last night I picked it up and booted into 9, installed the Epson print driver and retested, it prints great in 9, but now it wont print from 10! Funny thing is the Epson print utility in 10 sees the printer, and can communicate with it, but if you try and print anything in 10 the printer icon pops into the dock, then 2-3 seconds later it disappears, but the printer does nothing. I have tried repairing permissions, and I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver in 10, but still no change.

I'm lost on this one, any help would be appreciated.
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The Epson driver must only be OS9 compatible.

I had to buy a new printer when I upgraded to OSX or print from OS9.
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It's listed on the Epson website with various versions, it supports 10.1.3 and up, their iMac is running 10.1.5, so I would think it's compatible.

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Sorry, I misread your post.

Is it in the Mac "Printer Setup Utility"?
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Yes, it appear in the Print Setup screen, and the OS X Epson print utility sees the printer, gives me ink levels and such, it just refuses to print on OS X. In OS 9.2 everything works great. You've got me thinking though, I've been installing the OS X driver from the disc that came with the printer, I can't recall if it supported 10.1.5 or just 10.1.
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I can't recall which of the early versions of OS X switched to CUPS (the Common Unix Printing System) for printing support, but if that early version supports it, you may wish to see if the printer can be used with one of the Gimp-Print drivers, rather than the Epson driver. I'm sure the Epson driver guys aren't testing against 10.1.5 any longer.
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