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WOOHOO! Friday night bump! No more impressions or follow up, guys?

Stanley says his cost to do the mod for you is $40USD and you pay shipping both ways.
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sent mine off to fierce for modding. should be awhile yet.
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could *i* do that?
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never hurts to ask right?
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Let me go ahead and take care of spliff's to see what it changes. If the impressions are good and you'd like, I can probably take care of yours, too. Just ask
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hmm... new mod I'm interested
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Just a wee post about the standard dac rather than the mod:

I have this dac tc 7510 mk6. It was intended to replace the dac on my audigy 2 (with break out box) Currently using the coaxil (red/ pink one supplied) rather than the optical connection.

The dac then feeds in to an arcam alpha 9 intergrated that then feeds to a pair of trusty kef 102/2 (cube) reference rose wood speakers. (rotel rcd 991 not used for this test) All kind of old kit now but very happy with them all.

Was always unhappy about listening to my pcs dac thinking massive improvements could be made especialy as i now tend to spend most of my time on or listening to the PC. I use a 47 inch lcd so its more of an entertainment system than a pc.

I know i have read this dac needs 100hrs+ to burn in but surely it should at least beat a sound card dac straight out of the box? Mine doesnt. I have left it running for admittedly only 24hrs now but after an a/b test i can hardly tell. It is more controlled but just a little, with no a/b test you couldnt tell. I also find the dac, if anything not as exciting as the basic creative on board sound card dac. That astonishes me. I read so many ppl saying that this is a wonderful upgrade I took it for granted that it would leave a mere pc card standing, under any circumstances raw or burnt in. Not even bothered rigging it up to the rotel as if it cant comfortably beat the soundcard it has no chance of competing with it.

Sure this is only 24 hrs later but have others experianced little or no difference at first?

In my experiance hi fi equipment normaly doesnt go from average to wonderful during the burn in process, it goes from good to a bit better, even that is impossible to quantify as we are experiancing the very minor continous changes as a unit is burnt in so an acid A/B test is impossible. Less of course if you have two units but who has two?

In short the 7510 sounds ok, as too does the sound card, practicaly an undetectable difference. have others found this too?

You know if i had read my post 4 or 5 years ago i would have said look at that numpty wants to spend peanuts and get hi fi... well just dont have the disposible that i used to in those days which ironicly makes wasting 120 quid on a non upgrade all the more pointless

Sorry about the waffle:P
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Try some different output settings from your sound card. I think this is a source issue. No way in hell the 7510 is even with a 2zs lol.
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Does anyone think that the warmer sound of a Zhaolu might compliment the dryer and analytical sound of the SA5000's better than the 7510? I'm about to make a purchase and I am undecided. I believe because of the sonic signature of the 5000's, I would go with the AD-1852 in the Zhaolu.

Thanks guys. Great post.
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Its dry, no out put settings used, recently reinstalled windows not using the creative software, sure a minor improvement may be found but this is like for like
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my zhaolu 1.3 is much more analytical and detailed than my beresford. the beresford is quite warm to my ears. I don't get why everyone is saying that the beresford isn't warm...
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I can't afford a Zhaolu modded out to the max. Maybe a couple mods to bring it up to around the same price as a stock 7510.
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I have a 1.3 which can be found quite cheap on the forums. Mine then has an upgraded clock, power supply and output.
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Weird. Everyone hears different. The Zhalou and MD10 are both warmer to my ears than the 7510.

Any of those three dac are fine for the SA-5000. IWould just scoop up whatever you can afford atm.

liquid: try this. listen to the 7510 for a week and then switch back to the 2ZS and let us know what you think.
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