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Originally Posted by Redo View Post
Solid State amps shouldn't need nearly any warmup. Maybe a few seconds max depending how the gear turns on.
For the low end stuff with little in terms of high end ability you won't notice any difference between an instant switch on and an hour of running in.
On good equipment a running in period is always clearly noticeable. It's just like the warm up of a car from cold.
I once had a customer who felt I was talking nonsense when I told him his amp was a bit bright because it needed warming up 1st. There was nothing I could fix in it to get it to stop doing that. So he sent it to the manufacturer instead for a better opinion. They gave him a new one, and that was no different.
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alright im just gonna leave it on for a while then try it out. my current cans are only 50 ohms so basically its just gonna be a bit noisy as long as i have low impedence cans? ohh well.
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That is not to say that there isn't a big difference between my headamp on my Beresford and my micro-ZOTL which is feed by the Beresford dac, cause there is.
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I'm experiencing noise too with the 595, hd600 are on the way so I will tell you the difference

After these holidays I'll get also an amp, very tempted by the Darkvoice 332 right now
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Quick question... Right now I'm using my receiver's built-in DAC (Denon 2105), mostly listening to a pair of good speakers and sometimes my DT-880. The receiver is fed by 192+ kbps mp3's. Would a TC-7510 make a noticeable difference in this setup?
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I thought i would just drop my thoughts in here, having used the beresford for almost a year now, and having recently upgraded both my headphones and speakers, i do think, despite some peoples scepticism and other peoples delight, the beresford does a very good job for the price. My only other point of reference is a Moodlabs Dice which i felt was inferior in most ways.

I have a slightly older MK5 unit, and on rediscovering this thread, and emailing Stanley about the possibility of modifications this morning, i received an email back within the hour (on a saturday!) from him giving me several options and suggestions. I also remember being pleasantly surprised by the original quick delivery.

From what i read here, it seems that the modded MK5 has an overall improved sound, but are there any other changes?
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Are you guys buying these from Home HIFI (the only seller I could find) or somewhere else? Thanks.
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I purchased mine after email Standley and asking a couple of questions. Then straight off his site Home Hifi
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has anyone compared this unit to the Keces 151?

how does the performance compare?

also any recommendations on cables to connect it via the flexijack on the xfi?
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