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This is where the story begins.
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Once upon a time there were two brothers.
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Although on the surface their lives had no bearing on Jerry and Molly's adventure, if one was to examine more closely their situation it would become apparent that as children they had loved and cared for two dogs, a spaniel named Molly and a labrador, Gerald (never referred to as Jerry, however).
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And in 1831, a very distant, twice removed grand uncle of the brothers (a practical and possibly devious newspaperman) altered history when he changed the city's name (founded by General Moses Cleaveland - the great grandfather in-law of the younger, weaker brother) to Cleveland, dropping a single letter - a solitary vowel - naturally starting a blood feud, which set in motion a series of events, including the famous kidnapping of the like-named dogs, that the world still trembles from.
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Around this same time, in 1939, trouble was brewing in Europe.
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Churchill, a wino at the time, was inventing mango banana salad.
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His sister in law, Alice, saw the beginnings of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was alarmed that the great writers of the art would fall to history, forgotten.
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Little did she know that in thirty short years, her beloved Cuyahoga River would actually catch on fire.
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MacGyver fashioned a submarine from a garbage can and a reed, using it to navigate his way down the flame-broiled river.
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The infamous dognappings of 1831 were ravaging the nations sleepy midwest and MacGyver, thinking the Cuyahoga's serpentine banks as likely a location for the culprits as any, was hellbent on stopping them.
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Native Indians suddenly jumped from the nearby riverbanks and hit MacGyver with a potato launcher in the head knocking him into an amnesia comma.
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MacGuyver awakens in a daze and does not recognize where he is.
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"Mosen monhei moser", one of the native Indians says as he motions to a huge sign that reads, "Beware of the Wumba".
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"WTF does that mean?" MacGuyer shouts, fumbling for words.
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"It means stay away from our dogs you son of a bitch!" replied one of the Indians, inexplicably dressed in formal Western attire.
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