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Little did the pizza boy know that there was an electrical short in the switch, and when he touched the doorbell electricity surged through his body and he died.
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A random pedestrian tosses in a smoke grenade, and through the smoke Micheal Bay stares blankly at the outline of the Grim Reaper dressed as a clown.
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After shaking his head ln disbelief, he discovered it was just an LSD flashback.
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Bruckheimer soon realized that he had an object resembling the relic inside his vault.
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He then realized that dry-humping a Papier-mache Oscar would only get him in trouble, as he was carted off to the gray-bar-hotel for indecent exposure of a greater magnitude.
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The hotel manager - a thumbless dwarf, asked: "Is that an AKG in your pants, or are you just pleased to see me?"
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Looking startled,and suddenly alarmed and high as a kite, he replied in a hushed voice "Is this where dey hidin me strawberries?"
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This implausibly was the code/counter-code required to activate the fake-Oscar, revealing in its mouth a microfiche strip beginning "Cuivre, Monsieur?" and following with a confusing 37 words of loss and pain.
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.....ending with the answer: 42.
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And then everything exploded.
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but not before our hero escaped with a little help from his dim-witted, yet agile sweetheart, Molly Applebaum, who arrived in the nick of time.
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They had exploded a little, but aside from sooty faces weren't too much the worse for wear.
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The last time he had seen her innocent face (not to mention her girlish 42 x 42 x 42 measurements), was the night she spoke the words that started this whole cockamamie adventure, "Jerry, how I long for Cleveland before the war, with its Strauss music, its glamor and easy charm."
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"At least until the Governator showed up with a minigun."
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But Molly and Jerry were long gone; they hot wired a beat-up Buick in front of the old hardware store and after stopping for ice cream at Joe's Ice Cream Palace, chocolate swirl, they headed off to Cleveland with a full tank of gas.
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