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Nak receivers just don't get the respect except for the PA7. That means you can get a good deal with Nak. But $25 for a STASIS is robbery. Wish I can get a deal like that just once.

Agreed. They get no respect from the average person, but those who know them- love them. Maybe it's best I just shut up and let these gems remain sleepers!

I am amazed that they were so popular, too. Seems there is no shortage of them on the used marketplace. You can definately find them in your local thrifts if you visit enough. $25 is a good deal for a SR-2A, I guess. A quick eBay search of completed items shows that they rarely fetch over $100 delivered, though. Still an insanely great deal!! Where else can you get a Nelson Pass designed amplifier, preamplifier, tuner, phono stage, and headphone amp for under $100!? Are people just asleep or what!? Crazy..

The PA line is loaded with ultra high end Nichicon "Great Supply" caps. I wonder how many people buy them just to rob parts....?

This is making me want to mod my little STASIS rig and see what it can do. Let's see, bypass tone and loudness controls, add a better power switch, put some real binding posts on the back, upgrade the jacks, and add a nice Alps or DACT attn..... could be REALLY sweet!!