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I purchased Bose QC2's from Larry. They're in perfect condition, just as described and arrived fast. Larry is a model Head-Fi seller. Thanks again.

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HeadhoneAddict bought a PX100 from me; good communication and prompt payment.
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Larry bought my precious APureSound-recabled Denon AH-D2000 headphones off me, and it was an entirely pleasant experience from start to finish.

I would not hesitate one bit to deal with him again!
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sold some opamps to Larry. easy as pie.
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Larry ordered an APureSound V3 extension cable and sent in his Grado RS-2's for recable with the V3 as well.

He was very easy to work with, had great communication, and was very prompt. I hope you enjoy them!

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Xin SuperMacro III

Larry purchased my SuperMacro III. Just like every other transaction here on Head-fi, there were no problems. Thanks again Larry! Enjoy your new amp.
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Sold a pair of Darths to HeadphoneAddict. Very easy transaction, highly recommended.
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Sold HeadFive amp to Larry. He was very considerate. Also paid quickly. Great buyer -- recommended!
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I sold Larry a set of Stax Gamma Pro's and he was a pleasure to deal with. Prompt payment and communication. Highly recommended.
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Larry bought my STAX SRM-1 Mk2.
Communication was good, payment was quick.

I would gladly deal with Larry again.
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Buying some Gamma Pros from Larry.
As with everyone else, no problems at all and a pleasure to deal with.
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Sold Larry my mini->1/4" jack adaptor cable (12", silver/teflon). Super fast payment, great communication. Thanks !
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bought hd25's from larry, quick shipment, good communication and service
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I sold Larry an Ipod Otterbox case.
He PMed saying he'd take it, he paid immediately, he let me know he received it.
Smooth textbook transaction! I'd gladly do business again.
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Larry bought my Lambda Signature.

As before payment was quick, communication excellent - Larry is a good person to deal with.
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