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Larry is great to deal with as a buyer or a seller! This is my second trouble free transaction with him and I look forward to more. A highly recommended head-fier!
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What assurance can I give the prospective buyer that has already been given? What compliments can I heap on Larry that have already been said?

All of it, friends, all of it is true. Larry is beyond compare. An exemplary head-fier in every respect. If you're lucky enough to deal with him, you're blessed.

I traded him an Nad C555 turntable for an ibasso D2 and some cash. It was a great eperience, where we both came away richer. Ideal.
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Well I did it again, another swap with Larry; the good news is I got exactly what I wanted and had a blast doing it! Larry is the most dedicated head-fier I know (or know of for that matter). He is truly dedicated to the "sport" and wants everyone he comes in contact with to learn more and enjoy this hobby to it fullest. I am thankful I ran into him, head-fi would not be as fun or as informative without him!
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Bought a Sennheiser HD650 cable from Larry for my HD580. All that can be said has been said already, so I will only say thanks.
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Larry sold me his APS V3 RS-1 and TTVJ Portable Millett Hybrid Amp. He shipped them quickly and packed them well. Thank you Larry.
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Just picked up Larry's RSA Predator. Larry patiently answered every question I asked, and was a total pleasure to deal with. Amp was packed well, and shipping was lightning fast. He even threw in a few extras for nothing. He is a model head-fi'r, and I would not hesitate to do business with him again in the future! A perfect transaction.
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One ought to count their blessings if they happen to know someone as generous as Larry. He let me borrow his ALO Amphora to demo so I could make up my mind about my next amplifier purchase. Everything went perfectly, and I'm honored that he trusted me enough to let me use and abuse such a remarkable piece of gear. People like him are what make Head-Fi a great community. Thanks man.
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When I saw that Larry had his PS Audio DLIII up for sale, I didn't hesitate to buy it from him knowing what a good reputation he has here on head-fi. Prompt communication and next-day shipping. Unit arrived in great condition, well packed in its original box. Thanks Larry.
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Larry is great to deal with. Friendly, pays fast, and is nice to trade e-mails with.

Thank you!

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Top Notch Seller

The transaction was shipped promptly and securely. On top of this, Larry answered the multitude of questions I had about the P51 and DAC with no complaints. My purchase was very smooth and he through in a bunch of extra cables and an LOD for free, I was very impressed. He was a great person to deal with and I HIGHLY recommend him whether it be for a purchase/sale/or audio question. He is a very knowledgeable and honest audiophyle, I respect any opinion he has about personal audio equipment. Do not hesitate to deal with Larry, he truly is a HeadphoneAddict
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One of the finest members on Head-Fi. Larry sold me his SRD-Mk2 energizer and it was shipped super fast and very well packaged. He is a very amiable and helpful member who goes to great lengths to help other members. HIGHLY Recommended!
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Bought an imod and an ALO RCA cable from Larry. Great communication, and item shipped quickly with bulletproof packaging. Item was exactly as described. Another great head-fier! M
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Larry sold me a Jumbo Cryo Silver X iMod LOD. Item was in excellent condition given its age and it was packaged very well. Item arrived very quick and communication was top notch. 


Highly recommended!

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Larry is truly a wonderful person to do business with. He sold me his He Audio Jade electrostatic headphones, and I couldn't be more pleased with the transaction. They arrived quickly and were packaged extremely well. The headphones themselves were in great condition, just as Larry described them.


What I appreciate the most, however, is just how friendly and helpful Larry is. He answered all of my questions and responded in a way that helped me to feel confident about my purchase. I would not hesitate to give HeadphoneAddict my highest recommendation to anyone buying or selling here on head-fi.

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