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Nik's R10 amp: First Pictures

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EDIT 2/16/03: I've shrunken the pictures a bit to conserve my web space.
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Very impressive.
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very nice - but how does it sound?

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damn does that baby look expensive!
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Originally posted by dd3mon
very nice - but how does it sound?

Nobody knows, not even Nik. He hasn't taken delivery yet.
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Whoever took the pictures know
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Looks like an RKV on some serious steroids (inside at least). Hope Nik enjoys this

I think that Nik commissioned this as a custom amp built just for him and his cans? If this is the case, did he send his R10's in for them to test with? or did they have a pair? I dunno if I'd wanna gamble on a custom amp that was built with no reference to the R10's..

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Nice amp, how much does it cost?
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Makes my X-Can look pretty pathetic!!

Gotta love that analog level meter on the front panel

Great looking amp!!
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Damn this is nice...
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Sweet pictures...although I am concerned about the phones used to guage the sound by. That is a 1/8th plug...those phones are streetstyle or Koss jobbies....Surely not the R10's. Let's hope he has the R10's to actually grade the amp by.

As for cost...I read 5k in parts. 15k+ retail or something mad like that. I think Nik is paying 7k? Am I mistaken on this?
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That s one impressive looking amp right there boys.
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Impressive looking,Can't wait to hear Niks
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Well, this surely must be hands down the world's most expensive and elaborate headamp, maybe that will ever be made. As I recall, wasn't his previous amp already over $5K in parts cost alone?

Damn, how many tubes in that thing? I think I count 13. Imagine the cost of replacements! Or NOS versions of those tubes. And hey-- what phones are plugged into that beast that has an 1/8 jack? Tell me those aren't Porta Pros!
You are one lucky man, Nik!

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No they arent porta pros (i can tell, im looking at the end of mine right now).. And it is a 1/4th jack... If you look close you can see an adapter.. Never the less, you can tell its some kind of low end pair of headphones.
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