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I did a Google search that brought me to these forums. I found this thread:

However, while he was looking for the same thing as I am, his problem was different. I need a software program that will allow me to alter the volume for each seperate channel with a RealTek AC97 onboard sound configuration. Here are my specs:

BIOSTAR TForce4SLI Mainboard (nForce4 chipset)
Realtek AC97 onboard audio
Windows Vista 64-bit

The software interface that Realtek provides is a piece of crap that won't allow for any real tweaking of volume levels for each channel. To be even more plain, I basically need a program that is like NVMixer in the sense that it allows me to adjust the volume levels for the Front R/L, Rear R/L, and Center/Subwoofer outputs independantly.

Any advice would be great!