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Custom molds for etys?

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How many of you have custom molds for the etymotics? I bought a pair recently and I don't find the foamies very good sounding, and the rubber tips are just too much of a pain to insert correctly. Anybody have any recommendations for custom molds? Where's fuzzy when you need him?! :-)
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thant's exactly what I was goig to say. As far as I know, the custom molds do nothing but good things. they should be pretty easy to get in since they're made for your ears, and the sound should definitely be improved. You can get custom molds from Westone Labs (at least that's who Headroom reccomends).
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Yeah, supposedly they are supposed to yield better sound quality, and certainly it makes sense... but custom molds aren't cheap, so what if they don't improve the sound very much?? It's not like you can return custom molds! And another decision is to either go the route of a professional making the molds, or getting one of those EZ impression kits, which are cheaper. I don't know how much it will cost for the professional to do it yet, but I have sent an e-mail to a local hearing aid company (i believe it is affiliated with westone), so I'll find out pretty soon.
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The EZ impression kits don't go in deep enough. According to fuzzy, the custom moulds go very deep, and that's part of what makes them so good.
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Buy some ear plugs from your local LongsDrug store and find some coffee straws. Then make your own foam plugs that are better than those that come with your Ety.
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Got a pair on the way, around $100. Rubber tips are trully torture for me. Do they sound any different from the rubber ones?

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