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Originally Posted by dagobah View Post
Judging by demos and betas alone, Bioshock and Halo 3 will probably be worthwhile purchases when they come out.
Bioshock drops tomorrow. Also if the reviews are any indication, I'd jump on that quick. It's going to be an event game, where everyone on your friends list will be playing it.

To me, that's when XBL is the most fun. If you you plan on XBL that is.
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Gears of War
Tiger Woods 07
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I like FPS and racing games better on the PC. I have Oblivion for 360 and PC and prefer to play it on the PC. Only games I have bought that I really like for 360 are Fight Night Round3 (boxing) and NHL07. Hoping Fifa08 is good as I want a really good soccer game for the 360. Latest version of PES on the 360 is not all that good IMO. I like Fifa07 for PC better than PES now. They sped up the gameplay in PES on the 360 so they run around like little ants. They've got the pace of a soccer game all wrong now and I expect they did it because teens on consoles like faster gameplay. It's just not realistic though and I prefer a slower paced game of soccer.
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Bioshock TOMORROW. I've got a paid day off, it's my birthday, and I'm picking it up at 10 AM from Gamestop.
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Gears of War, GRAW 2, Gears of War, DiRT, Gears of War, Bioshock, Gears of War, Halo 3 (when its out), Rainbow 6 Vegas, Forza 2
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Just read that you like sports games too. Madden 08 is excellent.
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Sweet guys will get a copy of all the games listed here...Thanks!
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Do most people buy their games new? If not, where do you buy them and how much cheaper are they? Anyone use gamefly? I think $60 for new games is kinda crazy.

Also, I would highly recommend Gears of War. Madden 08 and FIFA are fun games.
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There is a shop near where I live that sell second hand games...usually like 40% off..
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Bioshock is amazing!!! I have had it for about a week and it still seems to amaze me...this is a must for an FPS player!
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