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Xbox 360 games...?

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I've bought an Xbox 360, but I don't have any games yet! I like FPS, sport, and racing games...Any suggestions as to which games I should buy?
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Forza Motorsport 2
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Gears of Wars is a must. Bioshock is probably a must too judging from the early reviews (comes out next week).
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Got it hooked up to the internet? If so just download the demos and judge for yourself what you like.

I recommend Forza 2, Gears of War, Ghost Recon 2 and Bioshock. Not into sport games so I dunno which are good. ^__^
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If you like super smash brothers there is also a good game you can buy in the xbox live arcade called small arms($10). Also, aegis wings is a free game which you can download. Both are pretty good multiplayer games
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Cool, thanks guys
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Rainbow six vegas
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bioshock looks to be a huge bag of ****ing awesome... the demo gives a bit of a taste and it tasted delicious
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and xbox live gold is worth it... but go the route of buying the cards and entering the code... you get 13months for the same price MS would charge for 12 months going through the dashboard...
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geometry wars all the way.
another great live arcade game.
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My sister has been playing the full version Bioshock and she loves it. It's a must buy for sure.
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Its coming out september 25
You will not be disapointed if you like FPS's
It is an amazing series and Halo 3 looks like a grand slam!!!!
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Dead Rising and Oblivion are by far the best two games on the 360 I've played.

Dead Rising is extremely fun when you first play it. What's not fun about killing literally thousands of zombies with a huge variety of weapons?

Oblivion is the most long lasting single player games I've played, I've put about 150 hours into since I got it months ago and I'm still not done yet.
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Gears of War is the easy recommendation here. I also liked The Darkness, though found it a little short. Judging by demos and betas alone, Bioshock and Halo 3 will probably be worthwhile purchases when they come out.

Though perhaps a bit out of your named genres, I can also recommend Dead Rising and Oblivion.
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Gears of War
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Guitar Hero
Tiger Woods 2007 (08 is out soon too...)
NHL 07 (or 08 when it comes out...)
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