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the HD580 and HD600 use the same driver. HD650 uses a different driver.

in this case unique = different
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Originally Posted by gmckay View Post
The HD650 uses a driver unique to the HD580 and HD600.


The same drivers are used for the HD650/HD580 and HD600

Part #0191570

I'd hazard a guess that the Senn rep meant that the 650 driver was unique and not the same as the 600/580. If the meaning was that they were the same then why use a word like unique? More likely to say yes they are the same - much simpler.

I could be wrong but there is enough there to raise doubt to your literal take of what was meant - we'd need the Senn rep to clarify the meaning.
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I read it as verbal shorthand: ". . . unique in comparison to . . ."

It seems like the OP either has a manufacturing error in terms of driver misplacement or mistakenly stamping "HD580" on the actual HD650 driver . . . or someone in the distribution/retail stream made a conscious effort to sell of a pair (or more) of 650s with 580 drivers.

Regardless of cause, I worry - from information currently available - that the HD650s to which the OP has access are not fully HD650s.

- wader
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Originally Posted by solomon View Post
Made in Ireland, the headphones say. HD580,600 and 650 are the only three headphones that are made in Ireland now. All other models are made in China.

MY HD 25 are made in ireland.....
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Originally Posted by audiomagnate View Post
So by "unique to" you mean "different from," right?
Like I said a few days ago. Maybe English is not his native language.
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Originally Posted by audiomagnate View Post
Like I said a few days ago. Maybe English is not his native language.
'Unique' is a difficult word to define in the context used by the author.

Literally, unique can mean:

1. only one: being the only one of a kind

2. special: different from others in a way that makes somebody or something special and worthy of note
a unique marketing opportunity

3. limited to somebody or something: limited to a particular person or thing
concerns that are unique to resettled refugees

We know for sure that the same driver is used on the HD-600/580's

The Senn rep confirmed that the driver is unique to the HD-600/580's - thus we can deduce that the meaning 'unique' = only one

The Senn rep confirmed that the driver for the HD650's uses a driver that is the only one (unique) used for the HD-600/580's

I would suggest we not read much more into this, other than that which can be deduced.
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When I posed this same question to Senn a while back, this was the response I received:

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Sennheiser. The driver used is the HD650 is exclusive to the HD650 only; you can expect an increase in detail, resolution and bass response (and accuracy) with the HD650.
See here: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showth...&highlight=650
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I do not have hd580 stamped on my drivers at all anywhere.
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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post
When I posed this same question to Senn a while back, this was the response I received:

See here: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showth...&highlight=650

However, I still wonder whether the HD-650's use the same drivers as the HD600's within a different element (damping, venting etc.), or if in fact these drivers are the same.
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Originally Posted by solomon View Post
Recently saw a pair of HD650s new from the box. Took a close look at the drivers, and guess what I found ...

The drivers say they are HD580! Anyone can explain this to me? Do HD580,HD600 and HD650 use the same drive model called HD580?
I have both HD600 and HD650 headphones purchased from J&R in NYC around year 2005 time frame. I took the ear piece apart on one side of each headphone and both then do not have any printed stamps saying HD580 on the drivers. They are clear transparent domes. No printing on them. My HD650 does sound different than my HD600. The HD600 has brighter highs. The HD650 has fuller sounding upper bass/mid bass region. The HD650 sometimes sounds duller than the HD600 in the upper midrange / lower treble region. I like the sound of both, but the HD650 smooths out most harsh music material whereas the HD600's slight brighter sound can hurt the ears a wee bit letting the harsh highs through more so than the HD650. Remember I bought my HD650 back in 2005 (or was it 2004 can't remember) but it was when it was first released. So mine is most likely an earlier production batch. It is now year 2007... so who knows if they changed the later production batches or not. It would make me feel kind of concerned if my drivers were stamped HD580 also.
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Hello Everyone,

I bought my HD650 a few weeks ago - and my drivers are printed with the "HD580" sign. I made contact with the local distributor here in Hungary via e-mail, but no answer yet. I'll come back and tell you if they send me their official standpoint.
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I just got some 650's from Headroom about 2 months ago. I'll try to remember to check mine when I get home. What's the easiest (and more importantly, safest!) way to do this?
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It's pretty much confirmed that the HD600 and HD580 use the same driver, while the HD650 has its own driver. If there's any possibility of doing so, I'd suggest trying a listening test between your HD650 and a HD580/600 or a HD650 without those markings. I once owned the HD650 and HD600 at the same time and found that the difference in the sound of the HD650 and HD600/580 isn't subtle. If your HD650 sounds like a HD600/580 or different from another HD650, then it could be cause for major concern.
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I did it as I read it somewhere else - simply (but carefully) pull the one side of the earpads, and then the other side. Under that there is the full size foam. When you put them back you have to be precise because of the fitting.

Before I bought my HD 650, I went and listened another pair of them. Their sound has more bass than mine, and less treble. At the first time I didn't expected there is something wrong, because I've read new ones must be "burnt in" before it sounds as they must.

At now I'm a "little bit" dissapointed - these are theoretically Sennheiser's best headphones, even so people in the same situation and I have to fight for the product we paid for.
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Ok I took both pads off, and the stamp on each appears to be what I would guess to be manufactuing date: "15 12 06" on one and "07 08 06" on the other. No "HD580" to speak of.
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