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In other words.. They may choke his Minidisc player. Or maybe not? Anyone tried powering the AKG K401s off a portable player? Theyre like 120ohms, and only have a 94dB sensitivity.
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Odin, the 401s and 501s supposedly sound dark and muddy without an amp.

I wish he would consider closed cans, cuz I'd just have him get the Beyer DT250-80. They work great out of a soundcard, and work well for both music and games.
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Just curious why anyone hasn't mentioned the Senn 495 or the bottom-line Grados like Sr60 or 80...i find the grados comfy enough for long hours, and I haven't used the 495 but I hear that it's comfy--both of these are probably easier to drive than the AKGs.
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Well, the 495s have below-average bass from weak sources....but are VERY comfy - and their low price allows for the purchase of a super fine DBSE (JMT!) amp.........
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I'd have to say get the HD-495s, and then follow up with a JMT amp. Well within his price point. The HD-495s also don't sound bad out of a bad source since their midrange (which is a bit grainy compared to better 'phones) does a good cover up job of anything bad in the source/CD.
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The Philips HP890 should fit the description quite nicely.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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I haven't heard it, but the HD25 is one of the most sensitive (almost obscenely so) high end phones out there, and thus can be driven by anything it would seem. Of course they are closed, and I wouldn't know if they sound good or are comfy or not. They are very high on my list to audition for portable use.

Easy to drive, open, and comfy is really a difficult combination it seems!

I guess I would recommend the HD545/565, although they really don't do well with underpowered portables. They have quite poor sensitivity, but work fine with 15mW portables and soundcards. It's really tough to recommend anything without an amp given his strict guidelines. Based on comfort and drivability alone (not having heard the sound) I would have to say the HD495. Better yet the SR60 which I have heard. The SR60's can't fit him all that bad can they? I can't last 30 minutes with bowl pads, but with comfies I can go for hours.
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you can run the cd1700 just fine from a portable without an amp; plenty of detail & bass. if you get them i promise nobody will have cooler looking cans than you at the LAN party.
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Just curious why anyone hasn't mentioned the Senn 495 or the bottom-line Grados like Sr60 or 80
As I mentioned in the first post, Grados are not options. And the Senn 495 require an amp.

Redshifter, I suggested the 1700s to him, but since they're discontinued, they're almost impossible to find new for a decent price
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How about the HD535's? They can be found really cheap(ubid) or at Outpost.com for $80 and are extremely easy to drive. I didn't think they were that wonderful but hey, what do I know. People on Audioreview seem to think they're great.
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people on audioreview also seem to think that the v6 sucks and that the v600 rules....<shudder>...
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