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Headphone rec needed -- very specific

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OK, I have a friend who came to me for headphone advice.

Budget: $200 or less
Use: Mostly music, but a bit of computer gaming
Source: home stereo, MiniDisc player, computer sound card
Requirements: good sound (of course) and "ULTRA COMFY!" (his emphasis)
Closed or open: open

So basically I need some recommendations for VERY comfortable, open, "home" headphones that sound good without an amp. No Grados here (he doesn't like the way they fit).

I've got a number of cans in mind, but I wanted to toss this out to see if there is anything I'm missing.
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HD565! I picked it once, I'd pick it again. shame it's discontinued

don't know any other headphones at that pricepoint that work without an amp except for Grados...there should be tho.
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If brightness isn't an issue, he could probably live with the 590s (methinks braver's rec. is better, but perhaps not realisable - aren't 565s discontinued?).
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The problem is...out of a soundcard...or long hours of gaming...hell ya brightness is going to be an issue.
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reread my post Vij

yeah the 590, but brightness will be an issue.

maybe a V6 or a Beyer DT250 (or something) would do. but they're closed.

maybe getting a HD580 + JMT amp is an option? it's stretching the budget a bit tho. or a K401 + JMT. or a DT990 + JMT.
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how aboot the sony mdr-f1? mrael likes it a lot and sez it's superduper comfy. don't know how hard it is to drive tho.
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it's a long shot (to find) but for comfort and the ability to tame bright digital sources he should try for the sony cd1700. i call it the "analogizer" because it makes most digital sources sound like a smooth analog source, but without high-end roll-off. plus they really are amazingly comfortable.
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I'd eye the F1 as well... vertigo says it is the most comfiest headphone he has worn and it can't sound that awful...

I think it is only 16 ohms impedance so it will be driven easily (like all of Sony's phones).
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An amp is out of the question -- he just doesn't want to bother.

The 590s, besides being too bright, aren't that great without an amp.

The Beyer 250 and V6 are closed.

The 565 are discontinued.

Hmmm... c'mon y'all, you can do better

The CD-1700s are intriguing -- one of the 'phones I've never heard.
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But the CD-1700's are also closed

Why be restricted to open?
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V6s suck out of a computer's soundcard 'cause you can hear all sorts of internal noise and they sound painfully bright. If you can put up with that, they do have great soundstaging and 3d imaging w/ A3D at least.
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I don't get it, why isn't anyone recommending AKGs? Both the K-401 and the 501 are open, they're comfy, and they DO sound good, which means it fits all his criterias, is there something about AKG that I don't know?

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The AKGs are super-comfy and open. I have no idea how they would go out of a soundcard though, or for gaming.

Perhaps ask Xander or Neruda


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hehe...you beat me to it by a nanosecond Odin!

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:: Source: home stereo, MiniDisc player, computer sound card

My cd player can barely drive those huge thangs.

If he's interested in getting an Airhead or something though, I definatly recommend the AKGs.
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