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Pumped! Can't wait
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Pumped! Can't wait
Originally Posted by Byronb View Post

Two original members, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, Eric Singer is the drummer taking Peter Chriss' place and Tommy Thayer is the Lead guitarist, taking over for Ace Frehley. If you have never seen a KISS show prepare to have your mind blown. There are not many bands that have ever been that can compete with them in a live setting! Enjoy the show, I warn you however, it may change your life!

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I was actually a total fan when double platinum came out in 1978. The concert I saw in 2010 was the best concert I have ever seen. They are a machine live, like no other!

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Originally Posted by Soundsgoodtome View Post

Awesome so far! I know 2 tracks on the album and it's probably their most popular on there. I'm officially excited to go watch them in concert tomorrow. I wonder if it's still the original members..

Enjoy. Love the multi generational aspect of music.


I've been kind of turned off by Gene Simons greed to turn his band into a merchandising organization in recent years. But, KISS is an institution like Metallica or The Rolling Stones.


Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a great time. Everyone says they put on one of the best shows of all time. You will officially be inducted into the "KISS army".  Wear like a bdge of honor.


If you want to know where they got some of their ideas....do a little research on another old dude named Alice Cooper.


Forever 18. Schools Out :veryevil: 

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So I guess a small English band was part of the show... Def Leppard!!
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I'm in a hip-hop mood, so the grooves blasting into my ear pieces right now are those from the classic Madvillainy album. There's no denying its timeless attraction. I'd give a link, but I'm not listening to it via a browser.

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The pretty Reckless - going to hell!

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"Streetcore" - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (last album by one of the all-time greats...I have often wondered, since Strummer's death, what great music won't be heard...)

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Sub Rosa-No Help for the Might Ones 2011                                                   


This is definitely a stoner/doom outfit but with some interesting twists. You will hear the Black Sabbath doom heritage BUT with soulful female vocals and a violin. Almost experimental or avant-garde.



The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings [Box set, Live]


dp-table-header-left._V192262004_.gifSo much music here. Listening to Disc 2 this morning.





Song Title





  1. Brazilia





  2. Chasin' Another Trane





  3. India (Live ( 1961 Village Vanguard))





  4. Spiritual (Live (1961 Village Vanguard))





  5. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise

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Kalevi Aho - Minea; Double Bass Concerto; Symphony no. 15


I don't listen to very much music hailing from my home country, but Kalevi Aho is a composer worthy of recognition. I've only explored a limited number of his works thus far, but never have I been disappointed in a composition of his. That certainly is praise coming from someone who is very particular about his classical.


This disc comes highly recommended. And yes, there is a double bass concerto on it. A good one at that. :D

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