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Ooh ooh, new Guthrie improv stuff!!


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New Jack White!
Lazaretto vinyl

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Inspired by a friend here on the forum, I'm listening to these two:



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Burzum - The Ways of Yore


First listen to the new Burzum. I wholeheartedly support Varg's decision to abandon black metal in favor of embracing ambient. A man should follow his heart.



I think today is going to be all ambient music for me. I'm currently enjoying Porya Hatami's Land album. Highly recommended.


Porya Hatami - Land




It's not every day that an Iranian sound artist catches your ear. Then again, it's not every day that yet another album of ambient tones and field recordings stands out from the ever-growing crowd.

But Porya Hatami's Land CD-R does jut that. Based in the northwestern city of Sanandaj, Hatami employs noises such as birdsong, vinyl crackles, rainfall, and the constant bustling of distant crowds and creaky carts that provide a real-world context for his gentle, glassy keys. As opposed to the sparse purity of, say, Celer, Hatami's music comes across like a whispered secret while the rest of the world recedes into gorgeously blurry focus. Anyone even remotely familiar with the 12K roster will find little new on Land but should also appreciate the album’s tranquil resonance that soothes yet never bores. This seems to be Hatami's debut release, but regardless of whether that's the case, he's clearly spent a lot of time working with these sounds. I don't know much about the state of experimental music in Iran, but if Hatami's work is any indication, it's a scene that deserves a wider audience.


-Foxy Digitalis



Antonymes - There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay



Having started learning to play the piano, I very much enjoy the simple yet effective use of the instrument on this fine record. Of these three records I've listened to today, this one I find the easiest to recommend although I love every single one of them.

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Per NørgårdSymphony No. 8 (2010-2011)

Vienna Philharmonic/Sakari Oramo



Christoph Graupner'Die Nacht ist vergangen', GWV 1101/22'Heulet, denn des Herrn Tag ist nahe', GWV 1102/26'Wer da glaubet dass Jesus sei der Christ', GWV 1103/40

Amaryllis Dieltiens, Elisabeth Scholl (sopranos)

Lothar Blum, Reinoud van Mechelen (tenors)

Stefan Geyer (baritone)

Mannheimer Hofkapelle & Ex Tempore/Florian Heyerick



Albéric MagnardSymphony No. 4

Malmö Symphony Orchestra/Thomas Sanderling



Charles KoechlinLe buission ardent Op. 203 & 171, Poème symphonique after an episode from "Jean-Christophe" by R. Rolland

SWR Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart/Heinz Holliger



Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata in E flat Major Op.31 No.3

Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano



Johannes BrahmsClarinet Sonata in F minor, Op. 120 no. 1

Walter Boeykens, clarinet

Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, piano



Franz Xaver RichterSinfonia a 4 in C minor

New Dutch Academy/Simon Murphy




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Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue


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Recent listening has included:
- Global Underground 013: Ibiza - Mixed by Sasha (now playing)*
- Fear Factory: Archetype
- Crippled Black Phoenix: White Light Generator
- Clutch: Earth Rocker (pre-drinking music!!)
- Amorphis: Circle
- Norse: Pest (underground Australian metal at its best)

* Other mixes within the Global Underground series take precedence, in my book at least, however Sasha's Ibiza entry is a classic in its own right. Moreover, listening to it properly through the SE846 6 is as revealing as first light over the Melbourne city skyline and Yarra river. There are sonic textures never experienced before, and the real emotive power is driven that much further. Gotta love that visceral kick drum as well.
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It's righteous!


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