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Miceblue, are these binaural or stereo?

Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

Ottmar Liebert's most recent albums. I like his "Bare Wood 2002-2012" album more than "three-oh-five."

Oh, and I know that you can get these albums from HDTracks. You should purchase the albums from the ListeningLounge instead. The HD albums are $2 cheaper there, you get the MP3 files in addition to the lossless ones, and the liner notes are free to download (meaning you can download them even if you don't purchase the albums). Really, there's no point to getting the album from HDTracks in this regard.
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Careful what you wish for - it *might* come true :


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I wonder what it felt like when he discovered that Johnny Cash had decided to cover one of his songs and release it? That must have been an amazing feeling!

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First encounter with this piece--

George EnescuQuintet for Piano, Two Violins, Viola and Cello in A minor, Op. 29
Schubert Ensemble


Enescu's idiom here sounds something like mature Brahms mixed with late Fauré laced with Psilocybin. To quote the liner note:

"...the music unfolds in bewildering – but beautiful – profusion, in 
textures of extraordinarily plastic polyphony..."

The piece is a major discovery for me to be sure!




J. S. Bach'Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen', BWV 56
Peter Kooj, bass
Bach Collegium Japan/Masaaki Suzuki



Brian Ferneyhough:  String Quartet No. 5

Arditti Quartet


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Vinyl. First time listening to the limited edition LP and I must say it sounds very impressive. Certainly exceeded my expectations. The album itself has been a big favorite of mine ever since I heard the original version for the first time just over a year ago. This re-mixed and -mastered re-release is a clear improvement to what was already a wonderful, wonderful bundle of heartfelt tunes that speak in a language compiled of our most base emotions. The music is just so lulling and comforting I find it impossible to not lay back in my couch and close my eyes, letting the music engulf me and finding my consciousness floating weightless in a sea of peace, joy and melancholy.


MEISHI SMILE is an electronic project that derives influence from genres both equally pop and experimental, taking note from the cathartic afterglow of harsh noise, mixed with the joyful idealism of Japanese Pop and hazed out by the meditative sentiment of shoegaze. Together these range of influences present a sense of musicality that is oddly warm in its static disconnection.

A “meishi" is a Japanese business card. A formality masquerading as emotion. Mixed with the word "smile," the two together form a meaning that aims to explore the very dual nature of the human experience as filtered through the digital divide.

MEISHI SMILE's first album LUST sets out to explore the cycle of human heartbreak. An existential question of what it means to feel guilt, love and loss. A sentimental, yet obsessively sad piece of work that struggles to find acceptance and redemption throughout its own realized chaos.

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Great cover of a Tom Waits song from one of our own Irish gems ¬


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Wave after wave of melodic machine funk.....

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My Dad who passed away a few years ago was a blues fan. My mother just gave me a couple of his CD's:


I really like this one. It's way to short to be definitive, but it the 11 songs are terrific: Luther Allison, Junior Wells, Arthru "Big Boy Crudup, Artie White, Ike and Tina Turner, Bobby Bland, Mississippi Johyn Hurt, Chris Thomas King, John Lee Hooker, Memphis Minnie and Memphis Slim.




This one is interesting. I have heard the song, "Goodnight Irene", but honestly had never heard of Lead Belly. It is equal parts blues and folk, I would say. The recordings are from the 30's and 40's and the sound is so so....maybe like listening to early Armstrong recordings.


I enjoy the songs. Being a child of the 70's, the more electric Mississippi Blues is more my cup of tea. But, I can see Lead Belly's historical significance.



Love this 2013 throwback to 70's female fronted punk.....great vintage sound.



I've been listening to this a lot. I like Ellington. This is basically a reinterpretation of his classics in the 80's by the Ellington Orchestra in the modern era. Branford Marsalis plays on a couple of tracks.



Vicious sever the jugular Greek Black Metal-heavy, fast and well done for the genre.







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