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Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

Ah, some nice relaxing music.

Tony Scott - Music for Zen Meditation and Other Joys


Relaxing music is the best kind!


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Kraan - Kraan



Continuum - Autumn Grass



Kollektiv - Live 1973



Gift - Gift


The return of the Kraut....

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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post



Omg. I had no idea. Thank you kindly :wink_face:

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

Wow, come back to something fantastic. I'm a fan of the track A Cherry On Top personally. Also happen to have a copy of Deep Cuts lying around here somewhere, like how most people got into them. But of course everyone loves Silent Shout.

Yea silent shout is great - all their albums are 

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Johann Jacob FrobergerSuite No. 2 in D minorCapriccio No. 6 in C majorPartita No. 19 in C minor, FbWV 619Toccata No. 16 in C majorFantasia No. 1
Blandine Verlet, harpsichord



Joseph Haydn:  Divertimento a Quattro in D major for 2 violini, viola e basso

Piccolo Concerto Wien


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Originally Posted by UmustBKidn View Post

Omg. I had no idea. Thank you kindly :wink_face:

You're welcome. I don't personally think that MFSL are even close to being the best in the business, but I will say that their vinyl pressings are very good quality, which is something I can't really say about all vinyl being pressed today.





I just finished listening to the Original Recordings Group's limited numbered edition 45rpm 2LP mastered by Bernie Grundman and the XRCD24 version mastered by Alan Yoshida of this highly-acclaimed recording and did a bit of comparison between them. Despite having said that the XRCD24 edition sounds quite spectacular – a statement I still stand behind – and as much as I am a fan of Alan Yoshida's mastering skills, the CD has nothing on the LP. Absolutely nothing. Sound quality aside, I'm surprised by how different these two versions sound in general. Whereas the LP is very intimate and has a strong sense of presence, the CD has always sounded very distant to me with a large amount of spatial information from the recording space. It's like you were sitting at the very back of the hall while listening to the CD and standing in the conductor's place whilst spinning the LP. This drastic difference perplexes me since unless I'm vastly mistaken, this was a very purist recording recorded directly to 2-track analog master tape, so no alternate mixes or masters should exist by my logic.


Only once before in my life have I had the pleasure of hearing surface noise on LP, and that was because of a low-quality pressing. This being my first classical vinyl I had to for the first time turn up the volume high enough to actually hear the surface noise, which somewhat surprisingly only added to the listening experience. This warm blanket of pleasant crackling was not something I would've expected to mix well with classical music, but turns out I was wrong. Listening to the vinyl was the most wonderful of experiences. I most certainly need more classical on vinyl.


Despite thinking that the XRCD sounded very good when I auditioned it for the first time quite recently, I didn't find it all that engaging to be honest. The LP was the total opposite, being very captivating, flowing and effortless, and at times simply magical. After comparing the CD to the LP, the XRCD, despite sounding good, also sounds very… wrong. Out of the classical recordings I own, the LP is the closest thing I own to actually being in a concert hall while sitting in the comfort of my listening room. If one isn't annoyed by a bit of surface noise and random pops, the winner is so clear here it's not even funny.



Aesthesys - Camera Obscura



Now moving on to this. This album is a totally free download on Bandcamp in the format of your choosing. You can't even pay any money for it even if you wanted to which I find to be kind of a bummer, but I guess if you want to support the group you can always go donate money for their Ascendere EP, which was one of my favorite releases to come out last year. That one is a free download as well, although it is pay-what-you-want and is also available on CD.



Pierrick Pédron - Cheerleaders


A bit of jazz before bed. My first time listening to this intriguing beast of an album. I feel fans of King Crimson would be right at home with this record.



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Trying to add to my limited jazz collection...working from a list I've made from "must have jazz albums"....this is my first Mingus. Picked it up at my local record store for like, $7.00. I think this is a good value...it actually has 3 releases over two CD's-you get:


-Mingus Ah Um

-The Clown

-Pithecantropus Erectus


For a first timer-it feels like a terrific introduction


Stan Getz. I always liked Sinatra's Bosa Nova and Bojim's collaboration (The Girl From Ipanema, Dindi, I concentrate on You, etc.). I was pleased to find The Girl From Ipanema on this famous Getz/Gilberto collaboration-I assume it's the original version. Lovely album.


Sub Rosa-More Constant than the Gods (2013)-Yeah-this is metal. It's one of the better releases of 2013. And, it's metal done with lots of melody. Two violinist, mostly female ensemble-along with fuzzed out Sabbath like doom.

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Listening to this excellent recording on my new nearfield Pioneer setup. Sounds clean, clear, and explosive when called upon.

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I am listening to Vance Joy - Riptide, winner of the Triple J Hottest 100 for 2013 (Australian list as voted by the people, apparently the "world's biggest music democracy) and my favourite song at the moment.

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu, 1970




" Feels Like I've Been Here , Before ;')


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Probably my favorite album of all time. I like every song.


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"There's a blue bird at my window..."

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