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Burning in my new litte dot mkvi+ amp with some Röyksopp - It's What I want :)

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Alex Chilton/Chris Bell/Andy Hummel/Jody Stephens BIG STAR



For the record,the Big Star documentary 'Nothing Can Hurt Me' is just phenomenal and like all things Big Star,sad and beautiful at the same time. it is astonishing that a band who had such a large influence on a wide variety of later generations of artists (from The Replacements to R.E.M. to Cheap Trick (who covered Big Star's 'In The Street' for the intro music to 'That 70's Show') to Elliot Smith to the Bangles to This Mortal Coil to Robyn Hitchcock to Matthew Sweet,Mazzy Star,Wilco,The Gin Blossoms and many many others) were so little known in their own time, Apart from the Velvet Underground and the Stooges it's difficult to think of another band whose music served as a catalyst to so many, yet who were complete unknowns despite the fact they were on just about every rock critics favorites list in the 70's,as well as that all three Big Star albums are included in Rolling Stones top 500 albums of all time.


"To me Big Star was like some letter that was posted in 1971, but arrived in 1985" - Robyn Hitchcock / "Big Star’s music effectively combined the exuberant and the melancholic" - Micheal Stipe

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"Salt For Salt" - Brown Bird"


"Dark So Gold" - The Pines


"Bunny Gets Paid (Deluxe Edition)" - Red Red Meat

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Last night I discovered an artist that goes by the alias, Heinali. Most of his singles are primarily piano pieces accompanied with ambiance. If I had to pick the best out of what it is noted above, my favorite would be "Soft Like Snow". You can find his music on his bandcamp website → www.heinali.bandcamp.com

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Tim Hecker-Virgins







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Group out of New Orleans called Galactic


Pretty awesome stuff, only listened to 3 songs of theirs so far and I'm already downloading another album

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Buddy Guy - DJ Play my Blues


Product Details 

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Originally Posted by amigomatt View Post

You should really try Bruckner's 5th with Sinopoli and the Dresden Staatskapelle.  It really is one of the best recordings of anything, in my opinion.  I love Bruckner and this stands out.

It's live and the precision, balance and flow of this piece is displayed in as near to a perfect way as I can imagine.

Sinopoli's Bruckner 5th arrived today and Im listening to it now.

I must say Im not sure which Bruckner piece I heard that gave me the impression that his works are difficult to listen to, but that opinion was hasty and off the mark.This is quite lyrical and has moments of real majesty - and it is VERY different from the 9th (as though they were composed by two different people). Where the 9th seemed Wagnerian to me, the 5th has more of a Sibelius vibe to my ears.

Anyways, Im not even in a real listening mood/mindset and Im finding it pretty easy to enjoy. I will definitely spend some quality time with it in the near future and get to know it better. Thank you again for opening my ears.
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My amplifier is on. My computer is running. The headphones are plugged in, and the volume is turned up.


I hear blissful silence.


Sometimes, the most peaceful thing to hear is nothing at all.

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