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"Respect The Dead" - Otis Taylor


"Sharpen Your Teeth" - Ugly Casanova


"Stitches" - Califone


"High Hopes" - Bruce Springsteen - http://www.cbs.com/shows/the_good_wife/springsteen/

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Originally Posted by StratocasterMan View Post


It would probably be my favorite album by The Who if I had never heard it. However, it is the most overplayed album by The Who. It's absolutely inescapable on classic rock radio. It's The Who album that is completely unavoidable, like it or not. For that reason, I've been preferring "The Who By Numbers," "Quadrophenia," and "Tommy," and just about anything else besides "Who's Next" for years. Luckily, there is some really cool stuff like "My Wife" on "Who's Next" that hasn't been overplayed and still makes it tolerable...

+1-if you look on Amazon you'll see the following order (in popularity):



1. The Ultimate Collection-2 disc box set spanning their entire career that was remastered in 2002


2. Who's Next

3. Tommy


4. Quadrophenia-2011 duluxe remastering which I've seen well reviewed in terms of the remastering


FWIW-I bought a bunch of classic rock this year putting together a classic rock library of sorts and went bought The Ultimate Collection and Quadrophenia. That gives me most of their music I want. The Ultimate Collection has early stuff, 3 songs from Tommy, 5 from Who's Next and 3 from Quadrophenia.


We all have different priorities. For me, a child of the 70's a teen and young adult of the 80's I have heard soooo much classic rock radio that just about every song on Who's Next I've heard to death. I could say the same thing about much of the Doors music. Similarly, I'm a big Zeppelin fan, but I have zero desire to own Zep IV for the same reasons.


I'd go with Quadrophenia as the most under appreciated-and honestly Quad gets a fair amount of love. The overall arranging, repetition of rock operish elements of Quad is masterful. Plus, many of the songs other than Love Rein... weren't played to death.


Since I bought a large amount of classic rock over a few months, I cut my loses and went with some compilations.


I think this is an impressive collection. There are some that have complained about the remastering....but I'm in it for the songs and for a single collection, it's hard not to be impressed by the track list. For anyone wanting a single collection-IMO this is the one.



Here's the track list:



~~Disc 1:

1. I Can't Explain 

 2. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Mono Version) 2

3. My Generation (Original Mono Version)

4. The Kids Are Alright (Edit Mono Version)

5. A Legal Matter (Mono Version)

6. Substitute

7. I'm A Boy (Original Stereo Version)

8. Boris The Spider (Mono Version)

9. Happy Jack 2:10

10. Pictures Of Lily

11. I Can See For Miles

12. Call Me Lightning

13. Magic Bus (Original Stereo Version)

14. Pinball Wizard (Original Version)

15. I'm Free (Original Studio Version)

16. See Me, Feel Me

17. The Seeker (Edit)

18. Summertime Blues (Original Live At Leeds Version)

19. My Wife (Original Version)

20. Baba O'Riley (Original Version)

21. Bargain 5:35


Disc 2:

1. Behind Blue Eyes (Original Version) 3:42

2. Won't Get Fooled Again (Original Version) 8:31

3. Let's See Action 3:58

4. Pure And Easy 5:21

5. Join Together 4:21

6. Long Live Rock 3:54

7. The Real Me 3:30

8. 5:15 [Explicit] 4:50

9. Love Reign O'er Me 5:50

10. Squeeze Box 2:40

11. Who Are You 6:21

12. Sister Disco

13. You Better You Bet

14. Eminence Front

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Christer LindwallWenn sie so, dann ich so und Pferd fliegt
Kulchural Archipelagos Quintet: Stefan Östersjö [electric guitar] – Björn Lovén [trumpet] – Jan Emil Kuisma [double bass] – Olle Sjöberg [piano] – Jonny Axelsson [percussion]



Michael FinnissyKapitalistich Realisme, part VIII of The History of Photography in Sound
Ian Pace, piano
(currently, at 67+ minutes, the longest uninterrupted span of solo piano in my CD collection)



Ib NørholmTrio for clarinet, cello and piano Op. 13; Essai réfléchi, for clarinet, cello and piano Op. 100; Øjeblikke, for soprano, clarinet, trumpet, cello and piano Op. 118



Music to commemorate the eighth centenary of the coronation of King Richard I of England in Westminster Abbey, 3 September 1189
Gothic Voices/Christopher Page


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Bass Desires - Marc Johnson

Bass Desires


Marc Johnson gained his initial reputation as a member of Bill Evans' last rhythm section and his work with Bass Desires (a group featuring both Bill Frisell and John Scofield on guitars) showed off his versatility.



Review by Michael G. Nastos :

The pairing of electric guitarists Bill Frisell and John Scofield had to be one of the most auspicious since John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana. Acoustic bassist Marc Johnson's stroke of genius in bringing the two together on Bass Desires resulted in a sound that demonstrated both compatibility between the guitarists and the distinctiveness of the two when heard in combination. Add drummer Peter Erskine and you had a bona fide supergroup, albeit in retrospect a short-lived one, before Frisell and Scofield would establish their own substantial careers as leaders.

The guitarists revealed symmetry, spaciousness, and a soaring stance, buoyed by the simplicity of their rhythm mates. This is immediately achieved on the introductory track, "Samurai Hee-Haw," as hummable, head-swimming, and memorable a melody as there ever has been, and a definite signature sound. A perfect country & eastern fusion, the guitarists lope along on wafting white clouds of resonant twang, singing to themselves while also playing stinging notes, supported by the insistent two-note funk of Johnsonand the rolling thunder of Erskine. The title track is a one-note ostinato from the bassist with a popping, driven drum rhythm and the guitars more unified in their lines, but broadening their individualistic voices.

The light reggae funk of "Mojo Highway" sounds more conversational and jam-like, while "Thanks Again" is a relaxed, unforced waltz, again eschewing Asian-Missouri folkloric alchemy fired by Frisell's wah-wah and Scofield's stairstep strums. Ethereal and effusive sky church inflections lead to loose associations, especially from Frisell's moon-walking guitar synthesizer on "A Wishing Doll."

There are three covers: a take on Elmer Bernstein's "A Wishing Doll;" "Resolution," the second movement from John Coltrane's A Love Supreme suite, with a more spiky bass and spacy lead melody played only once; and the standard "Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair," floating and eerie, held together by silk and lace threads.

One of two Bass Desires albums, this debut has stood the test of time -- it is priceless, timeless, and still far from being dated.

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Originally Posted by Radioking59 View Post

Huh? How could an album that is ranked near the top of almost every best albums of all time list be underappreciated? It might be taken for granted at this point by most people, but it's easily my favorite Who album.

That's interesting; around here most people pay much more attention to Tommy and Quadrophenia.

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Now listening to orchestral version of 8th string quartet by Dimitri Shostakovich

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Definetly not a mainstream bands: 







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Amorphis - Tuonela (1999)

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"Version 2.0" - Garbage

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Found recently in this thread :


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Harrison's Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra



A headphone eargasm!

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tonight's rotation


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