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Boards of Canada-Tomorrow's Havest 2013 After discussing this album, I listened to it again in my car on a long drive. I've changed my mind. It's quite good-excellent night time driving. Moody, making me think of futuristic urban landscapes...a Blade Runner vibe.



Oranssi Pazuzu-Valonielu 2013 experimental Black Metal-psychedelic, space rock and BM-really interesting mix 



Kurt Vile-Wakin on a Pretty Daze 2013-Relatively young American guitarist and singer songwriter-beautiful, intimate work...very chill-fantastic album

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Vinyl 33 1/3 MoFi  "CANDY-O"



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Lyrics (rough translation): 

Fog fog dew dew
Fog fog dew dew
It didn't do anything good for me
In dew my legs soaked
In fog my horse disappears

Fog drops dew drops
Find own horse
Find own horse
At the doors of moon

Moon toke sun's daughter
Invited me to weddings
How I will ride to weddings
With horse without saddle

Sun gave golden saddle
Moon (gave) silver noseband
Now I can safely ride
In God's sons group

In crosses grew tree's roots
In crosses are stars in skies
In sides rode God's sons
In crosses flowed horses



Curse of the witch - 0:01 
Son of the mare - 5:04
The Nine-Headed 10:30
Bewitched forest - 14:28
In the yard of the father's son 19:42
Devilslayer - 20:21
The Stone Sentinel 25:26
In the Underworld - 30:21
Black Rider - 34:35
The last battle - 38:51
Kurbads - 44:29



Concept of album: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lay_of_Hildebrand

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XLR8R Podcast 280: Ulrich Schnauss


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Listening to "Christmas steps" all the time...


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Intel(R) JPEG Library, version []

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Originally Posted by Destroysall View Post

This is so good! It definitely is a bit different from other albums I've heard. I'll need to add more time to listen to it more as the song I've only heard is Lunar Grain, but it is riveting nonetheless.

Speaking of ambient experimental music, I'm currently revisiting Syntestezja by Burma Project, and I find this album very haunting yet exciting to listen to. Definitely worth a consideration, IMO.


Burma Project - Syntestezja


That does sound interesting. I'll add it to my Bandcamp wishlist so I can find it later.


There's so much good music on Bandcamp I can't keep up. There are currently 54 items on my Bandcamp wishlist and it keeps growing at a faster rate than I add music to my collection. Thankfully the holidays are here so hopefully I should be able to do some catching up.



Boris - Akuma no Uta


This has always been one of my favorite Boris albums but I'm surprised I'd forgotten just how good this album really is. It is pretty much perfect.


The album cover pays nice tribute to Nick Drake – one of Boris's main influences.

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W. A. MozartString Quartet in D major, K. 499 "Hoffmeister"
Quatuor Mosaïques



Louis-Gabriel GuillemainSix sonates en quatuors, ou, Conversations galantes et amusantes, Op. XII
Sonata II in B minor and Sonata V in E major
Ensemble Mirable


Georg Christoph WagenseilQuartets for low strings-- Sonata III in C and Sonata II in F
Piccolo Concerto Wien/Roberto Sensi



really loving these Wagenseil quartets!!  impeccable performances beautifully recorded!!

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Sweetman with his South Side Groove Kings:

 Austin Backalley Blue


Track Listing

  • 1. Jest Smoochin' (King Curtis) -Listen to Full Song
  • 2. Angela's Strut (M. Sweetman)
  • 3. Backalley Blue (M. Sweetman)
  • 4. Zipperlips (J. Morgan)
  • 5. Lookin' Good (Magic Sam Maghett)
  • 6. Night Train (J. Forrest) -Listen to Sample
  • 7. Housewarming (H. McGhee)
  • 8. Grandma (J. Hunter)
  • 9. Strollin' The Drag (M. Sweetman)
  • 10. Crazy House (Sweetman/Morgan/Sarli/Buck)
  • 11. Harlem Nocturne (E. Hagen)
  • 12. Tyrone's Night Out (J Morgan)


REVIEW by Stereophile 

Sweetman's Southside Groove Kings are "proudly filthy sounding" this is the kind of band you'd hear in a sleazy back-alley dive, and the sound of this disc brings all of that heady atmosphere into your listening room. This is the band that I've searched for in a hundred bars and never found. (Yes, that was research, darlin'.) Sweetman has a nasty tenor sound, normally playing in that roughed-up King Curtis style, but he can play as sweet as Coleman Hawkins when he has a mind to, as on the title song. The sound stage is totally believable, setting the group in a somewhat cramped acoustic that seems appropriate. The dynamic shadings are impressive, and, even when the band flatout cooks, the sound remains articulate and focused. We're talking the aural equivalent of barbecue here: saturated with smoke, sweet and tangy just being in the same room with it will get you greasy. And if you ever need to start a party, all you have to do is put Austin Backalley Blue on the box it could corrupt a bishop. -from the column QuarterNotes by Wes Phillips

REVIEW by Car Audio 

If you dig the blues, and dig em hot, get this album. Even if you aren't into the blues or jazz, but are curious what it's all about, get this CD. Self-described as sleazy sax, it is hypnotic and jagged — playfully rollickin' on the faster tunes and downright sexy on the slower ones.

The blues of Sweetman and his South Side Groove Kings are perfectly recreated here, mastered live to two-track analog tape, and then digitized on a custom A/D converter at 5,645,000 samples per second. There's no hyped-up production, no mixing board, filtering, compression overdubbing, or multitracking. It's just the blues played so hot your eyes will water from the smoke.

Close your eyes, open your ears, and let the first track Jest Smoochin' ooze from your speakers and up the pace with Zipperlips. More than just music, the fun of Austin Backalley Blue is that it creates an atmosphere; the better your system, the better the sensation.

Even if you don't like the blues, this CD is great for evaluating your system. Sit in your car and listen carefully, and it'll transport you to a small blues club. The down-home funky twang of Night Train is a standout, as are Grandma and Crazy House, which rip and roll faster than any grandma I ever saw. Admittedly, I prefer the faster tracks, but Strollin the Drag is a fun, sultry strut that conjures up mental images of hot nights, cold beer, and good times. -CT


The lights are dim red and blue, but even if they were bright tungsten lamps, they still wouldn't cut through smoke so thick it's discolored the drab walls. Up on the stage, a weather-beaten-looking woman wearing a feather boa, a peacock tattoo and nothing else gyrates half-heartedly, slithering around a pole. A big guy with Bo Diddley sunglasses on sits at the bar with an unlit cigar. He hasn't moved in months.

The liquor is watered down before it even hits the ice in the glass.

And the leader of the house band in this eternally-unchanging, open-every-night den of iniquity? It's Austin saxophonist Sweetman, purring sleazy, down-home blues out of his sax.

This is the real bump-and-grind stuff, taking cues from slinky, early instrumental R&B of King Curtis, Ike Quebec, Gene Ammons and after-hours organ trios of yore. Ambience, heart, groove call it what you will, but it oozes from every note played by Sweetman and his mates.

Featuring alumni of such honky-tonk hell raisers as the Fabulous Thunderbirds, John Mooney and Evan John's H-Bombs, Sweetman's cast of characters play like they're trapped in the life described above and have no desire to leave. Sweetman himself got his chops on the Baltimore bar circuit, then paid dues playing with Luther "Guitar" Johnson and Texas bluesman Buddy Ace.

Listening to the CD, you can picture the tangled Christmas lights, the tattered instrument cases, the scuffed and stitched boots of the musicians. Check their version of Harlem Nocturne, which turns the sax staple into a quasi-surf boogaloo, or Tyrone's Night Out, Jest Smoochin' and the title track. While the patrons lean and slouch at their tables and nurse their watery drinks, the band kicks off another set with a late-'50s R&B nugget, Housewarming.

Outside the neon blinks like a beacon luring lost souls in from the night. -James Lien

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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post

Boris - Akuma no Uta



This has always been one of my favorite Boris albums but I'm surprised I'd forgotten just how good this album really is. It is pretty much perfect.


The album cover pays nice tribute to Nick Drake – one of Boris's main influences.

Nice - I've been listening to a fair bit of Nick Drake recently, could be something worth checking out.


As I write, I'm listening to Of Montreal - Lousy with Sylvianbriar:

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Wow so many great albums represented here today from The Cars to Boards of Canada to Boris (and many more of course).if You are at all a fan of the 80's and in particular early U2 (i.e. Boy,October,War) and Simple Minds then You might also enjoy Soda Stereo who are a fantastic new wave/rock band from Argentina.this track in particular is my favorite and comes from their 1986 album Signos which was their third studio effort.You might also (if you like Soda Stereo) check out La Ley (from Santiago,Chile) another great band in their own right.

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Whitesnake - Slide It In (1984)


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