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Giuseppe ValentiniConcerti Grossi, Op. VII 
No. 11 in A minor (for 4 violins) and No. 7 in G major
Ensemble 415/Chiara Banchini



J. C. BachQuintet in C major for flute, oboe, violin, viola & continuo Op. 11 no. 6
The English Concert



Fortunato ChelleriSix Simphonies Nouvelles
No. 1 in D major; No. 2 in C major; No. 3 in B flat major; No. 4 in A major
Atalanta Fugiens/Vanni Moretto



W. A. MozartString Quartet in D major, K. 575 'Prussian Quartet No. 1'
Quatuor Mosaïques



R/S One--Snow Mud Rain

Peter Rehberg and Marcus Schmickler, electronics


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It's now 4:30AM and I can't stop listening to my new HP.

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10000 Maniacs – MTV Unplugged 






Natalie Merchant : "Wonder" :regular_smile :




Hippys ;')


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Portico Quartet - Isla 


The Portico Quartet is a British jazz band, formed in 2005.

Formed six years ago from two sets of schoolfriends, they share a house in East London, make recordings, and play festivals and clubs. They are primarily acoustic: percussion, bass, and wind instruments, together with the hang, a tuned percussion instrument bought on impulse at a music festival. 

The line-up of the band is Duncan Bellamy (drums), Milo Fitzpatrick (double bass), Nick Mulvey (hang and percussion) and Jack Wyllie (soprano, tenor saxophones and electronics). They started their career busking on the South Bank in London’s, began to get paid bookings plus the odd festival, and made a five-track CD to sell at gigs. In 2007 they signed a record deal to make a full length CD, Knee Deep in the North Sea. This was a turning point; the album attracted attention from DJs, bloggers, and critics, and was nominated for the 2008 Mercury Music Prize.

The band’s second album was Isla (2009), recorded by producer John Leckie.

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Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

Extremely weird movie, but a cool soundtrack.

The music is composed by Susumu Hirasawa, who often uses an Amiga computer in his compositions.
What's an Amiga?
The Amiga was a family of personal computers sold by Commodore in the 1980s and 1990s.

Another movie featuring his music is Millennium Actress, which is one of my favourite Japanese movies.


My first computer was actually an Amiga. I used it solely to play games though, so I never even considered it a computer but a gaming machine. I had so many games for that thing, but sadly can only remember some of them, Bomberman and a Turtles game I had being some of my favorites from back then. All of this seems like a lifetime ago.



I took a listen to the Paprika clip because despite never seeing the movie it did come to my attention last year that it was the first movie to use a Vocaloid on its soundtrack. I started writing this post with the intention of saying that this guy's style kind of reminds me of a CD I happened to randomly purchase when I was in Tokyo in 2004 (has it seriously been almost ten years?). Then it started to bug me because I couldn't remember the name of the artist or the CD so I tried looking it up from my shelf where I keep my CDs, but since I have somewhere around 3k albums at this point finding it without knowing the first letter of the artist proved to be a futile attempt. Back when I had maybe two hundred CDs I remember the album being near the end, somewhere around "Y" maybe, but that didn't help. In the end I had to boot up my Windows machine, which has all of my digital music in its iTunes library unlike the Mac I prefer to use for leisure. Luckily I remembered the year right and knew that the album had come out that year, so creating a smart playlist containing only music from 2004 helped me find the album in less than a minute after I got my iTunes open.


Turns out I was right about the album being near the very end of my alphabetically organized CD collection back then, but now I realize I used to organize my CDs by album name back then and not by artist as I do now, so that's why I had trouble finding it. I only remembered that the artist had a lone capital "P" in it, and that one of the songs had the word "TV" in it. Sadly neither of those facts was of any use in my manual search.


So what was this album I was looking for? "Vistoron" by Kaku P-Model. When I checked out the composer info I had entered for the songs, I was in for a surprise, and it immediately became apparent why this album reminded me of the songs you posted. Turns out "Vistoron" is a solo project Susumu Hirasawa released under the name Kaku P-Model. So, instead of being a post where I say this music reminds me of something I've heard before, this ended up being a post where I thank you for bringing this album back to my attention and making it known to me who is responsible for it.


When I listened to the album on my portable CD player (anyone remember those? :bigsmile_face:) while still in Tokyo, it really blew my mind. I was still only starting to slowly get into listening to music back then and I simply had never heard any electronic music that was even close to as progressive as that album is. I think I even might've though it was the best album I had ever heard when I was listening to it for the very first time. A lot has changed since then and I haven't heard this album in years, probably not in half a decade. In my mind I think I've even dismissed it as something that's not worth listening to. I could say I have no idea why that is, but in truth I think that because back then I had no idea how to seek out good music and pretty much every single CD I ever bought back then was complete rubbish, I've in my mind half-unconsciously labeled all music I bought back then as "bad"/"not worth my attention" in my mind. But now when I took a listen to this album again after such a long time, I must say that it still appeals to me and I must without question re-rip it to replace the poorly ripped AAC files in my iTunes library as soon as possible now that I even have the time thanks to the holidays. I actually bought like a backpackful (probably not a word, don't care) of CDs when I was in Tokyo and I'd say almost all of them were really good purchases, despite some of them being totally random picks. Only in Japan would I expect something like that to even be possible. I think I should revisit many of them one of these days…


But in short, thanks. All of this really made me go on a trip down memory lane.



Youn Sun Nah - Lento


Listening to this one for the second time overall before moving on to my latest Bandcamp purchase. This album topped both the French and German jazz charts this fall and seems to be one of the more successful jazz albums of 2013.





Kayo Dot - Hubardo



I ordered the black version of the triple vinyl yesterday and am now giving this beast of an album a first listen. Like virtually every physical Bandcamp release I know, this one also came with a digital download, but as a nice bonus the files are actually 16bit/48kHz which I do appreciate. If you have an interest in the vinyl, I would recommend that you hurry because only 9 are remaining of the 200 black LP sets as I type this.


Edit: Based on first listen the last track "The Wait of the World" might be my favorite.

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Sorry, double post.

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