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Great album , but very poor mastering ...

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Kyohei Akagawa - Abendrot / Anbruch



I'm currently listening to Kyohei Akagawa's new two-track EP, which came out yesterday.


Otographic Music finishes off the release schedule of 2013 with welcoming Kyohei Akagawa's back. Having been continuing to go his independent path, Kyohei drops German-titled tracks "Abendrot" and "Anbruch", which means flipside landscapes of dusk and dawn.


"Abendrot" opens with the undurating basslines and chopping vocals which give the way to the magnificent breakdown. The nostalgic synth riff begins to explore with the deep reverb, then switches to glichy which shows Kyohei's unique flavor. Finally the track results to create the emotional drama of friscalating dusk light.


Turning over the flip side, the transparent and melanchoric “Anbruch" appears which is the rebuild of Kyohei's unreleased classic made in 2006. In contrast to his recent proggy style, driving basslines and blinking synths make a pure uplifting flow. The atmospheric pads draw the soundscape of a stillness into a dawn with a cool brilliance.



Masanori Yasuda - Kalos Eidos (Remixes)



Enjoying a bit more Otographic before bed.



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Originally Posted by magiccabbage View Post

I love Guthries playing, he is a very talented player. I wish he would release another solo album that moves in a different direction to erotic cakes. The playing on that album is great but there is only so much of it i can take. I have seen some of his jazz/funk and bluesy chops - it would be great if he explored more of that in the studio instead of being pidgeon-holed into the whole Paul Gilbert/Steve Vai thing. I hope he doesn't become just another one of those guitar player/fret melters. you know? 


I completely agree. I personally prefer his improv work for The Fellowship and Bluesjamtracks over his Erotic Cakes stuff.

Hope he starts showing-off more of his jazz-fusion and blues chops.


Anyways, back on topic. Currently listening to this;


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"Lost Ocean" - Lost Ocean - Some nice mellow alternative, check out the track "Mute" to get a feel for what they're about.

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"Talk to Your Daughter" - Robben Ford - Some great blues guitar going on in this album.

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My overnight session...




Chang A-Mei - "Bu Gu Yi Qie"






Karen Mok - "The Age Of Moknificence"




And then it was time to party... with some Afrobeat!




Antibalas - "Talkatif"





Various Artists - "Nu Afrobeat Experience"

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This album is hauntingly good!

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~10 hours of sleep in the past 3 days, and an argument-based essay that I haven't started is due tomorrow. Dead week is literally dead week right now. >.>
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Nelson Mandela... may you rest in peace brother. As a tribute, I listened to one of my fav female singers, and one of South Africa's greatest singers - Busi Mhlongo. Sadly and ironically, she passed away only 6 days before the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted by South Africa, an event that Mandela played a key role in. 



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Hanns EislerDeutsche Sinfonie, op. 50
Hendrikje Wangemann, soprano
Annette Markert, alto
Matthias Görne, baritone
Peter Lika, bass
Gert Gütschow & Volker Schwarz, speakers
Ernst Senff Chor Berlin
Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig/Lothar Zagrosek



Luigi Rossi: Roman cantatas for two and three sopranos
Suzie Le Blanc, soprano
Emily Van Evera, soprano
Barbara Borden, soprano
Tragicomedia/Stephen Stubbs



Henry Purcell: Verse Anthems
Philip Hallchurch, Jerome Finnis, Nicolas Witcomb, (trebles)
James Bowman, countertenor
Charles Daniels, tenor
Michael George, bass
Robert Evans, bass
The Choir of New College, Oxford
The King's Consort/Robert King


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Santana - Life is anew
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