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"Greatest Hits" - The Cars - I don't tend to listen to compilations much, but this one I go to a lot.

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You can't go wrong with the first two Cars albums and Heartbeat City, if you want to dig deeper Shake It Up and Panorama are great and Door to Door is over produced but still has some fun moments.



('Silent One' quietly enters the kitchen... and quickly casts an eye on food & flour... just in case a fight breaks out! And decides to lob :tongue_smile: a handful of marshmallows anyway)



I don't think I would qualify as a Cars' fan - I'm really only moved by a half dozen tracks or so from their wonderful career. I really like their catchy pop-synth style and find it fun and bouncy... deliciously, so. But, :blink: how does a record company push a Greatest Hits offering with no Candy-O in sight? Or Night Spots... Dangerous Type :confused:


(Wait for it... here comes the marshmallow toss... food fight!) For me, with the exception of Good Times Roll & Shake It Up, the album Candy-O alone could go toe-to-toe with the Greatest Hits album. And knock it clean out the pressing plant! :normal_smile : 

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Elbow, Live at Abbey Road.


On my brand new HE400's!

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Janne Svensson - Hem till söder
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This is one of my Top 10. 


Breathtaking performances on upright and electric bass compiled from the Trio, Duets and Trios trilogy.  The production is stellar and I particularly enjoy the clarity and virtuosity of Trios and Duets.  



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Hi.  I'm Johnny Cash.



Not the best SQ, but it's a helluva lot of fun.

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By "Schiit Bifrost Uber -> FiiO E12 (bass bo0st) -> HD700"

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I'm having a Kansas flashback.


I don't know why. I saw something somewhere. A very old brain cell came to life, and remembered a concert I went to - by myself - circa 1982, at the Universal Amphitheater in LA. I don't remember why now, but for some reason I went to the concert by myself. If you buy a single seat, sometimes you can get a Really Good Seat. I think I was 10 rows back, if memory serves. When you're that close, you don't need to stand up for 2 hours lol. Oddly enough, there was an archive of Kansas concerts online somewhere, and I confirmed the date - Oct.20.1982 - this was the only concert that Elefante was the lead singer on, at that particular venue. So that must have been the date. 31+ years ago. I love the Internet.


I searched YouTube. I found a concert from that time period. What a joy! John Elefante was singing at this point in time, I clearly remember him as the front man. This was the same tour. Well, ok, Kansas did an awful lot of touring. To the extent that it wore out certain band members.


These guys are Good. This is an amazing concert. To this day I marvel at the musical ability of these guys. I downloaded about 10 Kansas songs and made myself a new playlist last night lol. It's worth the trip, if you're interested...



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Jeremy Pelt-Shock Value(Live ar Smoke)
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Chick Corea "The Vigil"




Melissa Laveaux "Dying is a wild night"

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Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones - Quatorze Pièces de Menace

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Soft Cell Non Stop Erotic Cabaret Nov 27,1981 (Some Bizzare/Sire Records)

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