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Originally Posted by NimnuL View Post

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2
I'm not used to listen to a hip-hop, but this record is enjoyable even to me. 

+1 just finished this album not long ago. Indeed a very good album! There are curtain tracks which I do not like though

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The Clash


Listening to the 2013 Sound System remaster, but arranged with the correct tracks and running order to match the 1979 U.S. release, which I always preferred to the 1977 U.K. release...


1. Clash City Rockers

2. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.

3. Remote Control

4. Complete Control

5. White Riot

6. White Man In Hammersmith Palais

7. London's Burning

8. I Fought The Law

9. Janie Jones

10. Career Opportunities

11. What's My Name

12. Hate & War

13. Police And Thieves

14. Jail Guitar Doors

15. Garageland


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Originally Posted by StratocasterMan View Post
Originally Posted by DLeeWebb View Post

The Modest Mouse albums that I go to continuously, and that would be among my desert island discs, would be "The Moon And Antarctica," and "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank."

Gradually, I've noticed that we often have similar tastes. I'm not familiar with those two albums, so I am going to give them both a spin based on your input. Remind me, and I'll let you know what I think... :smile:

I've noticed that are tastes are similar as well. Yeah, give them a try, I'll be interested in hearing your opinion...

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''Take note, there's still a hole in your heart''  How the hell does he know?! :D

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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post

I did take a look at their YouTube channel but most of the videos there seemed to be live versions which simply didn't sound the same as on the album, and I'm very particular about having proper first impressions. Also, music videos can be very distracting, I find. Additionally not all of the songs on the album appear on their channel, and definitely not in correct running order. Even if they could all be found there, you would still have to figure out the correct order in which to watch the videos to match the order they are on the album and even then the songs that flow gaplessly from one to the next simply wouldn't work because YouTube is incapable of gapless playback of separate videos. I am very much an album person, and listening to the songs individually not in the intended sequence simply is in my opinion a lesser experience. As much as I hate services like Spotify, that is the only way I would personally recommend listening to the album to a person who isn't blindly willing to purchase it in order to hear it.


I find your comment regarding lack of percussion puzzling to say the least. Apart from using their bodies as an instrument on a couple of instances, they create all of the sounds with their voice – beats included. I can only postulate you were referring solely to the lack of beatboxing on the album. I find beatboxing to be a bit of an attention grabber and I'm not really sure if it would fit all that seamlessly into their music style. It can work really well as part of electronic music or even jazz for example (check the videos below; the second is more of an album teaser, though), but it definitely isn't often the most subtle musical element you can include as part of a composition.


All a cappella groups I know concentrate on covers, and I find this quite natural because for many people big part of the attraction is marveling how well some people can mimic different sounds with their mouth (not for me personally). When hearing a cover version of a song you are already very familiar with, it is easy to instantly compare it to the original in your head. If you were listening to an original composition you don't really have any immediate point of reference to compare it to. I have heard a cappella groups perform very good original pieces, but like you have no issue whatsoever with them doing mainly cover songs.


Perhaps it's a personal failing, but I couldn't make it past the 40 second mark on that Daft Punk video. I fail to see based on what little I heard what their arrangement or even adapting it to human voices had to bring to the music. Perhaps that was not the intention to begin with, but in that case I don't see the point of making the music in the first place. Emotion and self-expression are the things I most seek in music (or ability to convey mood at the very least), so perhaps I simply am not part of the target audience.


Whoa. You dismiss something because of the order it's played in? You dismiss live performances over album recordings? Gapless playback? Wha?


Sorry bro, but that's just too over-the-top for me.


I was not critical of your group. I find it puzzling that you're so critical of the selection I decided to share with you. I would think that a fan of a cappella music would be more interested in promoting the style of music, as opposed to criticizing another group (with what seems like unwarranted baloney). But hey, I guess you're a bit more interested in promoting a group from your own country, than another group that clearly excels from somewhere else. Ok. I think I got that number.

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Originally Posted by Hi-Finthen View Post




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Originally Posted by longbowbbs View Post


+1 11:59 is one of the greatest songs of its era.

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Listening to this youtube clip, since I just ordered the Complete Beethoven Quartets by the Borodin Quartet, my 5th set so far :p


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"I Want To See Pulaski At Night" - Andrew Bird


"Deluxe Daze (Post Haze)" - Kurt Vile

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Do we have any "The Roots" fans here ?


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