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Absolutely in love with this band <3

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Raphaël CendoCharge for seven instruments and electronics (2009)
Ensemble Cairn/Guillaume Bourgogne



J. S. BachEs ist nichts Gesundes an meinem Leibe, BWV 25; Warum betrübst du dich, mein Herz?, BWV 138
Hana Blažiková, soprano
Damien Guillon, alto
Thomas Hobbs, tenor
Peter Kooij, bass
Collegium Vocale Ghent/Philippe Herreweghe


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"These Changing Skies" - Elephant Revival


"Poor Moon" - Hiss Golden Messenger


"Band Of Joy" - Robert Plant

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Club for Five - You're the Voice


If you've ever enjoyed anything I've shared in this thread, please do yourself a favor and listen to this Finnish a cappella group's You're the Voice album on Spotify (link: https://play.spotify.com/album/5bWkIJm1XBbTRum3Nvn0iH) or some other streaming service that is available to you. If you have any presumptions regarding a cappella music, please push those aside for this once and just listen to the first track, which is a cover of Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms. If that song doesn't send chills down your spine, apologies for wasting your time. If it does appeal to you, I assure you the rest of the album is about equally as brilliant, consisting purely of covers of songs that have touched them during their life. Representing a reasonably young generation of incredibly talented musicians, the group's surprisingly good pronunciation of English took even me by surprised, having only heard them perform in their native Finnish before this albums, which by contrast is completely in English. Aside from their impressive vocal talents, the group's biggest skill is without question their amazing ability to create incredible arrangements, which is evident on all of their albums. In addition to that their albums have always been very well produced and sound really good. Could I possibly recommend them any higher? Oh, and despite being Finnish, I listen to very little Finnish music myself so I assure you my recommendation is in no way biased by the group's country of origin; it is merely the only reason I am aware of their existence in the first place (and I'm glad of that).


Below's the tracklist. The album is simply a pure joy to listen to.


01 Prologue
02 Brothers in Arms
03 Running Up That Hill
04 You're the Voice
05 No Son of Mine
06 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
07 Life on Mars?
08 Alone
09 Walking on the Moon
10 With or Without You
11 Under the Bridge
12 Nothing Else Matters

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^^^I like it a lot....thanks

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I said gdamn! :basshead: 

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Originally Posted by philo50 View Post


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Cafe Blue




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I can't post pictures yet but I'm listening to this.



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Steve Roach & Vir Unis - Body Electric



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highly recommended

  ....Sound Liaison, producing recordings available only in 24-bit/96kHz downloads that mirror the master recording. And man, are they ever sweet. I've seldom heard recordings that were so successful in both performance and sound aspects.Rad Bennett
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I was so disappointed with how this soundtrack ended up. Even when playing the game with bookshelf speakers, it was really obvious that they compressed the music or what not. Halo 3's soundtrack was much better recorded/mastered.



Oh shoot, I picked this up from the library and I didn't even realise it's a SACD! Too bad I still don't have a SACD player though. :(

It sounds really great nonetheless! :D


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5.1 Blu-Ray Audio of the deluxe album.  A really nice bonus a Flac 24/96 download is available.  


On the plus side the audio sounds great which is why I bought this version to begin with.  


On the down side the 2 videos on Blu-Ray were transferred directly from the VHS version (look horrible).  My humble suggestion; if they are not Blu-Ray or at least DVD video quality don't waste my time and everyone else's, seriously who green lights this?

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