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Blues Corner (The Best Of Blues) (2002)

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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post

After falling in love with Neurosis, Isis was a group I discovered while I tried to find out if there were others who were making music even remotely similar to Neurosis' work. It took me a while before I could get anything out of Isis' albums, but now listening to them is most rewarding.


Coltrane's last studio recording and last live recording are both absolutely incredible. The live set in particular is an experience unlike any other. It might very well be the most lo-fi recording I've ever heard but that only adds to the completely overwhelming furiosity of the music. Those late-Coltrane recordings really witness him approaching a status that surpasses godlike stature. On "Olatunji" Pharoah Sanders also plays the saxophone in ways I did not know was even possible (at least I remember it being him, not Trane).


I already ended up making a minor adjustment to the list. I'd originally considered including Exist Strategy's Dreamcatcher on it, but dropped it for a reason that is beyond me. I quickly came to regret it and ended up dropping one of the four Arvo Pärt albums listed (Arbos) to squeeze it back in.

Well put. I'm almost ashamed to admit that is still the only album I've heard from John Frusciante, but I've liked it a whole lot ever since I heard it for the very first time. It feels like a very personal record and his singing voice is excellent in its imperfection, not to mention the phenomenal atmosphere. As a very positive plus the sound is deliciously immaculate.

Antonymes - There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay



Without any conscious intention I've found myself drawn toward ambient music for some reason lately. I just got this on Bandcamp.

I remember when Isis came to my local area for a concert in support of Oceanic.  I always have this horrible tendency in discovering a band after they have visited my local area and Isis was one of them. I never did find a chance to see them perform live though. Thus, it's also unfortunate they disbanded after their latest release, but I find their reason in doing so valid. I agree with you when you say Oceanic is the most rewarding to listen to. I love the album and can listen to it nonstop sometimes.


I will have to do a rain check on those Coltrane albums as soon as possible. I really love his work and his live performances are truly much more engaging and enriching as his studio presentations. Speaking of which.. here is a video of a live performance of his My Favorite Things with Eric Dolphy on flute.

My Favorite Things - John Coltrane (Click to show)

I've just realized I don't have any Arvo Part in my collection at all, so I will definitely have to make that a priority. :eek:

I couldn't agree with you more. It's really avant-garde, in a sense, of John to craft with such an eclectic approach when composing music. Like you, I also need to hear more of his work. Especially his earlier work as it would be nice to see how much he has grown as an artist.

I must compliment and give my thanks on posting such wonderful music (once again). I've been listening to this non-stop since finding this and it really is just wonderful. I love ambient music and recently have grown a massive appreciation for it. It can help soothe one's mind after a long day.:) 

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Dave Grusin has been a highly successful performer, producer, composer, record label executive, arranger, and bandleader. As a pianist, Grusin tends toward the fusion and smooth end of jazz, but he's primarily an accomplished film and television soundtrack composer.




- [1993]






- [1990]


Mountain Dance




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'Three Days Of The Condor' is one of Dave Grusin's best works.

It was composed at the same time as when he was doing the background music for the TV show 'Baretta', and you can hear his familiar keyboard sounds in both of these projects...
Later went on to form the GRP jazz label that was very succesful in the late 70's and 80's...
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I'm definitely fan of this album :L3000: 

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Question for Led Zeppelin fans :


I'm soliciting opinions on the 2007 remastered compilation Mothership (below).


My understanding is that Jimmy Page remastered the songs on this comp when they produced the double live Celebration Day in '07 . I've got every song from older studio albums, and am wondering if it would be worth the purchase. I'm curious about difference from the 07 remastering from the earlier masteing Page did in '91. Sometimes the recent remasters are just louder. The 90's remastering is kind of notorious for not sounding terrific.


Has anyone compared the two?


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Wishbone Ash- Argus- Phoenix
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Interesting album, so-so recording/mastering.

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Adapt - Trace Bundy

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Originally Posted by Sorrodje View Post


I'm definitely fan of this album :L3000: 



+1 @ 33-1/3

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