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Lovely. <3
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Lovely. <3


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good ,i think so,The L Train is a Swell Train and I Don't Want to Hear You Indies Complain"  thank you


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Lovely. <3

I love her music. Very cool video!

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Per Nørgård:  Symphony No. 7 (2006)

Danish National Symphony Orchestra/Thomas Dausgaard




J. S. BachLiebster Gott, wenn werd ich sterben, BWV 8
Yukari Nono****a, soprano
Robin Blaze, alto
Gerd Türk, tenor
Peter Kooij, bass
Bach Collegium Japan/Masaaki Suzuki




Alessandro ScarlattiCain overo Il Primo Omicidio
CONCERTO ITALIANO/Rinaldo Alessandrini
Gloria Banditelli--Caino
Cristina Miatello--Abel
Marinella Pennicchi--Eva
Giampaolo Fagotto--Adamo
Claudio Cavina--Voce di Dio


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Companion - Patricia Barber





Track Listings

1. The Beat Goes On
2. Use Me
3. Like Jt
4. Let It Rain
5. Touch Of Trash
6. If This Isn't Jazz
7. Black Magic Woman
8. Bonus Track



Patricia Barber (vocals, piano, Hammond B-3 organ); Jason Narducy (vocals);

John McLean (guitar); Michael Arnopol (bass); Eric Montzka (drums, percussion); Ruben P. Alvarez (percussion).



In 1998, after releasing several critically lauded but commercially underperforming CDs, Chicago vocalist Patricia Barber struck a resonating chord with Modern Cool. Barber alternated a throaty vocal delivery and a more refined, stately approach to singing as she traipsed through genres with a strong, unconventional band that played to her strengths. More than anything, Modern Cool delivered an eloquent snapshot of what Barber would be like on stage, and now its follow-up, Companion, comes along to show off her chops in a live setting. Barber elected an old-time jazz approach to the live album, picking Chicago's Green Mill, a favorite haunt and home base for her, and let the tapes roll for a few shows in July of 1998. What you get is very much like Modern Cool: touches of pop turned to artsy poetry--in a most convincing way--on Sonny Bono's "The Beat Goes On" and a delightedly curve-ball reading of "Black Magic Woman," the Peter Green tune made famous by Santana. And then there are Barber originals, which she sends off expertly with piano and splashes of rough guitar paint and a whole-group clatter that's indicative of both the leader and her band's intimacy with these tunes. Like Cassandra Wilson and myriad others stretching the jazz singer's palette, Barber has made a deep cut in the tradition, without turning off any lovers of the traditional jazz lyric. --Andrew Bartlett

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Busy music purchasing weekend for me.


I just bought, listened to  and digitized several of  "the best" Rolling Stones late 60's/early 70's drugged out blues CD's. For the most part these albums came out consecutively.....Arguably the best of their mid period blues rock albums.


Wow. Previously had simply owned compilations like Hot Rocks and more recently Forty Licks (which is quite good). Really blown away by Exile on Main Street and Sticky Fingers and Beggars Banquet.


BTW, if I didn't have much Stones in my collection and wanted one compilation, 2012's Grrrr 3 disc set is probably the best overall box set out there....but owning 40 licks, I wanted some of their classic late 60's/70's classic studio releases that seem to be regarded overall as their best.....


also picked up some Dylan, Floyd, CCR and remastered Beatles "Red Album"1962-1966.


Exile on Main Street 2010 remsatered (I get it! Surely one of the greatest blues rock albums ever recorded) originally released in 1972




Sticky Fingers 2009 remastered originally released 1971-a close second to Exile IMO-a bit more focused




Let it Bleed remastered 2002 original release-1969





Beggars Banquet remastered 2002 original release-1968  love this release!




The Beatles: 1962-1966 [Original recording remastered 2010] 


I prefer their later psychedelic albums, but this is a classic and sounds killer remastered.



Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan (2004) -  Original recording remastered







I also repurchased Wish You Were Here....I hate replacing old music. But, my old WYWH was from the 80's....I know there is a lot of on-line debate about which Floyd remasters are the best. But, to my ears, the 2011 remaster is definitely an upgrade from the  original masters that came out in the 80's...OTH, I have a copy of Dark Side remastered in 92 which sound pretty good IMO. That said, WYWH, is one of my favorite albums of all time!







CCR-lots of memories of my parents reel to reel tapes....sentimental to me. I bought Chronicle 1 and II quite cheap used on Amazon...the two CD's give me about 40 songs....lots of great music-can't go wrong with either of these. I are their top hits, II has many of their favorite album cuts which may not have toped the top 20, but if you have spent any time listening to classic rock radio you have heard every song most likely. Quality throughout.


Chronicle, Vol. 1: The 20 Greatest Hits (90):




Chronicle Vol. 2: Twenty Great CCR Classics by Creedence Clearwater Revival (1989)






Finally, growing up in the 80's....I couldn't resist the following which sounds really great BTW.....18 songs...a good overview including same later material I had not heard....good stuff


The Very Best Of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself (2008)


He had a great pop post punk hard rock sound IMO


No longer the sneering punk......Billy Idol is now about 56....time passes for all of us. I'm catching up to you fast bro :-)



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Opeth - Damnation


Opeth - Ghost Reveries


Just finished listening to both of these on vinyl.

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^ I like the way Deliverance and Ghost Reveries sound on Vinyl. They seem much smoother and nicer to listen to than their CD counterparts.















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I am wondering about the quality of those Rolling Stones remasters...I've been wanting to get "Sticky Fingers," and "Goat's Head Soup," but I have been looking for the mid-nineties Virgin remasters because I had heard so many bad things about the later reissues...


"Fisherman's Blues" - The Waterboys (have always loved "Fisherman's Blues", just ordered the new boxed set centered solely on this album...)


"Remain In Light" - Talking Heads

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